Professional Development Series

This past week, I've been focused on enhancing my own learning and sharing some ideas that I've been picking up for years! It's always fun to revisit and repackage great ideas. It's sort of like playing with that slime goo you give kids...stick your hands in and mold away! (then watch it collapse and lose form, which is what's nice about blogging ideas since they remain in semi-permanent state).

In this blog entry, I introduce a new Flipboard magazine (which astonishingly acquired quite a few readers in one day) that seeks to capture these ideas, as well as share my professional development/learning series.

Want to access curated Professional Development and Learning resources
centered on andragogy (adult learning strategies)?
Read this Flipboard-based MagazinePD/PL: Andragogy, on your mobile device!

Professional Development/Learning Series (in no particular order)

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Unknown said…
Thank you for this post. Keep it up...

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