Celebrate Old and New Friends! 2017 Must-Read #EdTech Blogs! @EdTech_K12

Wow, how tremendous to see so many Texans featured in The 2017 Honor Roll: EdTech’s Must-Read K–12 IT Blogs article by Meghan Bogardus Cortez (@megbcortez)!

Now, there are a lot of awesome folks on the list of 50, but I have to stop a moment and celebrate the fact that there are two Texas organization blogs (e.g. TCEA, Keller ISD) as well as 4 Texans! Woohoo!

  • TCEA's TechNotes Blog (@tcea): This features the creative efforts of my work colleagues, Lori Gracey, Dr. Bruce Ellis, Peggy Reimers, Diana Benner, and other TCEA team members! Way to go!
  • Keller ISD Digital Learning Blog (@kellerisdpd): I regret that I don't read this blog myself, but will be adding them to my list of must-reads in my RSS aggregator!
And then, there's my fellow Texans:

Finally, what a delight to see old friends like Dr. Scott Mcleod (@mcleod | Dangerously Irrelevant), Tim Stahmer (@timstahmer | Assorted Stuff) and Eric Curts, (@ericcurts) and his blog, Ctrl-Alt-Achieve, featured! I've been reading Assorted Stuff for AGES. Tim must be really old now.

And, of course, I'm looking forward to reading some new folks, picking up on fresh perspectives!

Wait, I forgot to mention, Meghan made a mistake and included this blog, Around the Corner, on the list of must-reads. I guess that means my spam mail will double (ugh). Oh well. Until Meghan realizes she made a mistake and removes me, I'll just be grateful someone is still reading this blog! Catch me on Twitter @mguhlin

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