Teleprompter Needed?

There are a million uses for teleprompters in every and any situation you can think of. In fact, if I could, I'd have a teleprompter every time I spoke to a large group. It's quite reassuring to know what to say, when.

No doubt, you can think of lots of teleprompter uses in the classroom. Of course, using teleprompters shown above is crazy. What could you use instead? An inexpensive Chromebook and a free add-on perhaps.

The goal of this quick post is merely to point out two available Chrome add-ons you can use. Each includes a short description from the Chrome Store:

Adjustable automatic page scrolling with mouse and keyboard shortcuts.
It's easy to use this extension to automatically scroll any page while you read your favorite articles.
A few great features in this chrome extension:
✓ Adjustable min/max and initial scroll speed through options.
✓ Both the use of mouse and keyboard to control the scrolling.
✓ Change scroll direction with both the keyboard and mouse wheel.
✓ Toggle scrolling with a quick double click.
✓ Auto scroll start on page loads.
Simple, free teleprompter. Paste text into editor window, and click "Start Presenting".

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