Access Restored to Popular Service

Was your Office 365 school district unable to access critical resources over the last week or so? If yes, you weren't alone! Fortunately, access has been restored with an interesting caveat.
Users with work and school accounts have not been able to access of late. We have heard your heartbreaking stories of student projects and classes not being able to proceed and I want to personally apologize for the disruption and confusion that we caused. We know that trusting your content to a service like brings with it an expectation of availability and performance.  
We promise to do better. We are pleased to report that we have fixed the issues.  
Work and school sign-in is possible again, but, it does require an important step from your school, district or organization IT administrator. is a consumer online service from Microsoft where users can publish and discover Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, and PDF documents. We have recently enhanced the service to better ensure your organization's security and privacy. As result, we are requiring that your Office 365 Tenant Administrator of record "opt-in" for your organization to continue enabling users with organizational accounts to use the service.
Read the complete update online.

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