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Question: Office 365/OneNote question: Some of our teachers click on the OneNote app within O365 but instead of taking them to a list of all their notebooks, it automatically opens up their @sites notebook. The only way for them to access a different notebook is by clicking on a direct link someone has shared with them. Has anyone else experienced this? Or now a fix?
Over the last few months, I feel quite comfortable working with OneNote. Just today, I moved my Sharepoint OneNote notebooks to a Microsoft based OneDrive. The reason why is the subject of another blog entry, but when I read the question above, I thought I would suggest the following approach that has worked for me. What would have been your response?

Are you trying to open a OneNote Notebook in OneNote 2016, and it's not working? Try this approach:

1) Close out all Notebooks in OneNote 2016.
2) Remove all accounts in OneNote 2016
3) Add the account you use to login to OneDrive online.
4) Go to your internet browser, then go to OneDrive for Business (Sharepoint).
5) Open the OneNote Notebook stored at OneDrive for Business in OneNote Online.
6) Click on OPEN IN ONENOTE and then choose OneNote 2016. 
7) Give the notebook time to sync to your computer.
8) When done synching, the Notebook should be ready to go.

That approach aside, working with OneNote 2016 is a pure joy. I enjoy working with OneNote and I'm migrating much of my work from a Google Sites (old version) to a OneNote Online notebook ( Find out more about my efforts online.

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