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Free Professional Learning! Education On Air #googleedu

Register today for Education on Air: It Takes a Teacher, a free online conference to connect educators around the globe. On December 3rd, attendees will have access to 100+ sessions featuring renowned thought leaders and opportunities to learn about how Google tools can be used to  boost student engagement, collaboration and productivity.

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Make Language Learning Comprehensible #duallangchat #ell #esl #bilingualchat #edtech

Do educators believe that practice makes perfect? Do you believe that English language learners’ brains work like muscles that, if properly exercised, will become more adept at the tasks they are set? These questions popped into my mind as I reflected on the following Tweet: #ELLs speak, on average, less than 10 minutes a day in school. How can you learn a language when you aren’t allowed to speak? #WIDA2016 This tweet raises a few questions and responses. You are invited to inventory your biases, as I did when I resisted the inclination to agree. Let’s explore the questions.
Note: This blog entry originally published at TCEA TechNotes Blog as For the ELL Student, Does Practice Make Perfect? Does Practice Make Perfect in Language Learning?Stephen Krashen (@skrashen) points out that we learn language when it is comprehensible to us, when it means something. The Comprehension Hypothesis points out that we understand language (input) by achieving three criteria: We have some language backgro…

Encrypting #OneNote Pages and Sections #free #onlineconference

Looking for an easy way to encrypt and protect data stored in OneNote? Fortunately, OneNote provides encryption when you password protect a section:

Passwords can be applied only to notebook sections, not to entire notebooks. Passwords are case-sensitive. Make sure that the Caps Lock key is off before you create or enter a password. OneNote uses encryption to secure password-protected sections. (Source) OneNote's Password protected section offers a few benefits:
AES 128 bit encryption protects any pages you've created inside of the passworded section.Microsoft is reported to use the local cryptography built-into Windows operating system.Passworded sections placed on the web (shared online via OneNote Online) require the end-user to enter a password to get access.OneNote uses encryption to secure password-protected sections. If you forget your password, no one will be able to unlock your notes for you (not even Microsoft Technical Support). So take care when assigning passwords …

Understanding Microsoft vs Office 365Accounts #msftexpert #msftedu @microsoft_edu

PROBLEMAre you working in the Microsoft Education Community, but now have an account problem? This blog entry addresses some of the main problems you may encounter. These include the following:

You've created free Microsoft accounts using my Office 365 work account. That meant that I had TWO accounts associated with my Office 365 email--a Microsoft AND an Office 365 account.You have a work account that you've lost access to. You want to move all your MEC Achievements to a free Microsoft account.You have a work account and a free Microsoft account. You want to be able to login into MEC with either account.

This became a problem because it meant that I had two Onedrive accounts, too. A Onedrive account with 5gig limit (Microsoft), and a second one with 1 terabyte limit (Office 365). I'm not the only one who did this. Several colleagues also accidentally created Microsoft accounts. In retrospect, it seems obvious. And, as I've now had the chance to facilitate Micros…

OneNote Case #2: Accounts and More #msftedu @microsoft_edu #mieexpert

Question: Hi all, I'm trying to get our teachers to share LPs with admin using OneNote, but I'm having such a hard time because its asking teachers for a sign in AND it won't take our work emails...any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? A common problem for most folks new to Microsoft and Office 365 is trying to understand when to use their Office 365 account (work email account) vs their personal, Microsoft account. Here's my 18min video on using Onenote for lesson plans.  I address Microsoft vs Office365 login issues, as well as some ideas. If viewers have other suggestions, make a video and share it! I'd love to feature it!

Really, it's a terrible video. What would you have said?

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OneNote Case #1: Opening Notebooks #msftedu @microsoft_edu @office365

Question: Office 365/OneNote question: Some of our teachers click on the OneNote app within O365 but instead of taking them to a list of all their notebooks, it automatically opens up their @sites notebook. The only way for them to access a different notebook is by clicking on a direct link someone has shared with them. Has anyone else experienced this? Or now a fix? Over the last few months, I feel quite comfortable working with OneNote. Just today, I moved my Sharepoint OneNote notebooks to a Microsoft based OneDrive. The reason why is the subject of another blog entry, but when I read the question above, I thought I would suggest the following approach that has worked for me. What would have been your response?

Are you trying to open a OneNote Notebook in OneNote 2016, and it's not working? Try this approach:

1) Close out all Notebooks in OneNote 2016.
2) Remove all accounts in OneNote 2016
3) Add the account you use to login to OneDrive online.
4) Go to your internet browser, then g…

Lessons Learned Building Community #msftedu @microsoft_edu

Over on Facebook, I'm making a special effort to keep the TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) closed group going with fresh tips and content. When I started facilitating MIE sessions earlier this year (I've had a chance to facilitate 10 across Texas), one of the challenges was reconciling who would be attending at these events. As you might imagine, community building can be tough, albeit rewarding, work. I'm always inspired by Sarah of Edumatch fame, not to mention many others.

My goals were simpler--to build a community of Texas educators, and sure, why not, a few folks from outside Texas. The community had to tap into a need for educators to be heard, to have a place to share their ideas. Robyn H. inspired the Facebook closed group since she has a group for US Microsoft Innovative Educators. I had already tried, unsuccessfully, to create a Voxer group, Skype group, Diigo group. The idea came one session when I asked the audience, "How many Facebook users are t…

Lessons from Chromebook Educators

Note: This blog entry originally published at TCEA's TechNotes blog. “Figure out which toys your friends can play with,” I remember my Mom saying to me before a sleepover with classmates. “And put the ones you don’t want to see damaged, lost, or stolen away.” It’s advice that I took to heart and shared with my own children before they had friends over. Here's some advice you may want to consider before deploying Chromebooks in schools...or, consider leaving your "best practices" in the comments. Best Practice #1 – Establish procedures before issuing Chromebooks.Setting ground rules can certainly help you avoid trouble and heartache down the line. The advice is definitely worth taking when it comes to inviting students and staff to use any kind of device, even durable Chromebooks, in your classroom, library, or school. TCEA member Erin Laughlin (@MrsErinLaughlin) recommends that you consider your responses to questions like the ones below: How will students be issued Chr…

Good Enough

"Good is the enemy of great. Say goodbye to good so you can say hello to great." You've run across this sentiment, haven't you? While it is a truism people strive to embrace, doing so can be difficult. Achieving the great can be daunting, when failing again and again.
What I that I...need to make students more aware of the importance of iterations...[and] to learn from them. (Source: Iterationists at Engage Their Minds). The struggle itself, how we learn from our experiences is what matters. Often, I find myself struggling with my own writing, trying to find a way to make it better. More recently, I look for that spot along the way where I can declare, "Good enough!" and then move on to the next project.

For blogging, for life, good enough means clearing away the unnecessary. Then, love what remains.
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Reaching for Transcendence: Servant Leaders Journey (Updated 2x)

When I first wrote, 4 Questions for Servant Leaders, I remembered previous opportunities for taking on jobs others found undesirable. Having been in the manager's seat, I have had the opportunity to experience the opportunity to assign and receive jobs others felt beneath them. In both situations, the difference maker involved having a fresh attitude, without the baggage of organizational drama of "I have one more thing on my plate." The fresh attitude enables newcomers in a position to embrace work.

What a gift, right? How do you renew your attitude, renew your spirit so that you can take on undesirable tasks like a newcomer?
The defining question, and one that I keep coming back to reflect on, is "What are the jobs that need doing that no one wants to do?" It's a question that can define you. Think of actors who carefully say "No" to a million different roles, seeking the perfect one that will make their career. Then, think of the actors who say…

Exploring Meme Quote Generators

Memes can be ideas, values or behaviors that are contagious. There are many ways that these can be used in the classroom or to enhance publications, professional learning, etc. And, as such, I'm not going to list those here.  Get ready for hours of fun.... Meme generators (none require an account) that tickle the funny bone: Meme GeneratorMyTextPixMyQuotePixImgFlip Meme GeneratorHere are a few more that just combine your text with backgrounds:
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@Microsoft_EDU Updates Worth a Second Look #msftedu #mieexpert

As another school year begins, Microsoft delights with summer updates and changes to its suite of learner-centered offerings, designed to help educators Hack the Classroom. Whether you are an Office 365 expert or just beginning your learning adventure with Microsoft Education tools, you will want to take a quick look at these powerful updates.
Did You Know? …that you can get Office 365 Online tools and 1 terabyte (TB) of cloud storage for free as an educator? This includes Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, Outlook Online. Visit to claim your free storage space and access. Or, if you prefer, pay $69.99/year—$6.99 per month--for Office 365 Personal. Not sure how to get started with Office 365? Check out these free online videos!Classroom Microsoft Classroom launched this summer, boasting a rich array of features present in existing learning management systems. This enables teachers and students to take advantage of Office 365 tools in the context o…

5 Video Annotation Tools for Your Class @mrs_johansen @letsrecap @edpuzzle @flipgrid

Are you an educator fascinated with creating videos that feature great content, are available on popular media sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), and feature YOU as the chief learning strategist and interpreter? What's more, new tools make it easy to annotate videos. Annotating videos involves layering text, links, and comment bubbles into an existing video.
Note: This is a shortened, improved version of the blog entry appearing here at Video Annotation Tools
Here are a few tools you can use as a teacher to enhance interactivity with video content:

YouTube has built-in annotation tools, including speech bubbles, spotlight (highlighting areas in a video), adding text notes, titles, and labels.EdPuzzle makes it straightforward to add notes and assessments to videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Learn Zillion and others. This enables understanding checks. There's also an iOS app you and/or your students can use.VideoAnt, a web-based video annotation tool, also allows for an…