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Earlier this evening, during dinner in fact, friend and colleague Dana Bickley asked via Twitter:

At first, I thought, "Wow, why can't you do this with" But then Dana clarified....this is a chat that took place in the past. I've often used in combination with OneNote, Evernote, or GoogleSheets to capture tweets as they happened (I set it up ahead of a twitter chat).

What was interesting was how to capture tweets from a past twitter chat? One approach that I stumbled upon--after running into various services that wanted to charge me for the service --was Twitter Archiving Google Sheets (TAGS), which is completely free and runs as a GoogleSheets add-on. Watch this video tutorial.

As you might guess, I took advantage of the easy version (TAGS v6.1). And, to be honest, it was pretty easy. You can watch a video about TAGS:

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Clicked on Get TAGS v6.1 - This will open up a copy of a GoogleSheet and add the TAGS scripts. In a moment, you'll see it:
  2. Be sure to SETUP TWITTER ACCESS, add your hashtag search term (use the dropdown to select something different).
  3. Be sure to RUN NOW! and then add summary and'll get awesome data like:
You can see the published GoogleSheet online here.

TAGS is pretty awesome! Thanks to mhawksey, TAGS creator!!!!

And, to think, none of this would have happened if @danabickley had not asked a question on Twitter!


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