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OneNote Best Use Scenarios: Video+Questions

When you connect to a global network of learners, you have to expect gems to pop up from moment to moment. In fact, I took a quick glance at my phone earlier today and saw the following from fellow educator, Steve Morgan.

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Upcoming #edtech Conferences in San Antonio and Austin

Hoping to learn more? Check out these two upcoming events in the San Antonio and Austin area:
Innovate to Elevate TCEA Area 13 Conference (Register | View Schedule of Presentations). I am looking forward to this conference and will be presenting at it with colleague Diana Benner, sharing the ins and outs of Google and MS Classroom products. This event cost $29 for TCEA members.Technado: Taking Technology by Storm Area 20 Conference.  They are now accepting proposals to present at this FREE event!  You can apply to propose and register by going to our website at These conferences will take place Saturday, October 1, 2016 and Saturday, November 5, 2016 respectively.

Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s) or its clients. Read Full Disclosure

Yahoo Data Breach - I told you so #privacy #edtech

"I told you so." The words popped into my head as soon as I read the headline this morning on my phone. Those annoying 4 words are for everyone I told to switch from YahooMail to something else, anything else. Of course, I promptly flushed those words in the toilet. Who wants to hear they were wrong? I get it. We all cling to technologies that we've grown familiar with, that, perhaps, we began our digital journey with.

Still, after seeing several people have their Yahoo accounts hacked through no fault of their own, I realized that Yahoo was just a way for bad people to get access to your contact lists, your username, and password.
A recent investigation by Yahoo! Inc. has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company’s network in late 2014 by what it believes is a state-sponsored actor. The account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (the vast majority with bcr…

Google Enhancements! Multiple Columns

Engadget reports the following good news for GoogleDocs users:
the Drive team added a couple more often-requested features to the product today, including: autocorrect for misspelled search terms, the ability to split documents into multiple columns and an auto-save feature that creates a copy whenever importing and converting non-Google formats. Sure enough, you can find it quite easily:

One neat feature is that you can highlight the content on the page and format it in two columns, as shown below:

How long have you been waiting for GoogleDocs to include columns?

Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s) or its clients. Read Full Disclosure

Backup To and Transfer Between Cloud Storage @cloudhq_net @multcloud

Just two weeks ago, I helped a colleague migrate their Microsoft OneDrive data from a Microsoft-based OneDrive account (personal) to an Office 365-based OneDrive for Business account (work-related). There are several ways to accomplish moving data, whether Google or Microsoft or something else: Use  You can sync content back and forth between a variety of services, which makes it a pretty neat deal at $9.90 per month (if you need that level of redundancy) also offers the opportunity to have a 15-day free trial, which works well for staff who are leaving and may just need a one-time task. However, you can obtain additional days of usage by referring to friends and colleagues. Another benefit is that you can set ownership for documents that are transitioned to a new location. There is also a Chrome add-on, Gmail Label and Email sharing, worth investigating (watch video) when transitioning from one email system to another.Try Using MultCl…

Minecraft EDU - Available for Purchase November 1, 2016

On the Microsoft MinecraftEDUweb site, the following announcement was shared:
On November 1, the full version of Minecraft: Education Edition will be available to purchase. For educators interested in trying the new title in their classroom for free before purchasing, the early access version of Minecraft: Education Edition will still be available for free through November 1. Some key features appear to include:

Classroom mode that:"enables educators to manage world settings""communicate with students"give items and teleport students in the Minecraft world.list all students in the worldworld management settings with chat windowSome neat additions that I had the chance to see at a recent Minecraft EDU:Leads and horsesadditional player skinspistons (wow) You can find out more at the Minecraft Education web site. They have tons of great stuff there. While I haven't been much of a world builder in the past, family members who have spent time and effort love Minecraf…

Supporting ELL/ESL Learners with Tech

“What level of cognitive complexity are students operating at,” asks Dr. Chris Moersch, “when using technology in the classroom?” Technology, asserts Dr. Moersch, needs to be used to think and reason. “It doesn’t matter how much money you throw at it (spending on technology) if you’re using it at a low level,” says Dr. Desiree Marks-Arias. “What is the potential for using technology at its highest level?”  Note: This blog entry originally published online at TCEA TechNotes blog - an exciting conversation about the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) and technology in the classroom! To what extent are we positioning ESL (English as a Second Language) students to become college and career ready? According to the Alliance for Effective Schools, “About 63 percent of the 46.8 million job openings created by 2018 will require workers with at least some college education….” Traditional approaches to pedagogy often leave the ESL population underserved in…

How's Your District Protecting Confidential Student & Staff Data? #edtech #txlege #txed

“People are living in an unprecedented condition,” shares the 2014 Pew Research Report on The Future of Privacy, “of ubiquitous surveillance.” And, although we are now in 2016, did you know that 2014 was known as the Year of the Hack, according to CNet? Note: This blog entry originally at TCEA TechNotes blog - “The tone was set in January as we learned details about the Target credit card breach, along with a Snapchat hack that revealed millions of user phone numbers,” shared CNet. Safeguarding sensitive data has grown even more important. Since then, there have been many more hacks, including the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack, which stopped the release of “The Interview;” perhaps we should be grateful for that. Of greater concern, though, is the loss of student and staff personally-identifiable data (PII). The loss of PII is signaled by facts like the following: 97% of stolen computers are NEVER recovered.Direct costs are incurred by school districts for having to…

How to Capture TwitterChat History/Analytics #nisdedchat @TCEA #tcea @danabickley

Earlier this evening, during dinner in fact, friend and colleague Dana Bickley asked via Twitter:

At first, I thought, "Wow, why can't you do this with" But then Dana clarified....this is a chat that took place in the past. I've often used in combination with OneNote, Evernote, or GoogleSheets to capture tweets as they happened (I set it up ahead of a twitter chat).

What was interesting was how to capture tweets from a past twitter chat? One approach that I stumbled upon--after running into various services that wanted to charge me for the service --was Twitter Archiving Google Sheets (TAGS), which is completely free and runs as a GoogleSheets add-on. Watch this video tutorial.

As you might guess, I took advantage of the easy version (TAGS v6.1). And, to be honest, it was pretty easy. You can watch a video about TAGS:

Here are the steps I followed:

Clicked on Get TAGS v6.1 - This will open up a copy of a GoogleSheet and add the TAGS scripts. In a …

Got Classroom? #MSFTEDU #MIEExpert #MSClassroom

“How can I connect OneNote Class Notebook assignments to Microsoft Classroom Assignment grades?” What a fantastic question to have pop up in the no-cost TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) session I facilitated in Wichita Falls, Texas earlier this summer. In this blog entry, I am going to recap some of the conversations and provide responses to the questions that popped up during the session.

Microsoft Classroom has many features and benefits, bringing the full force of Office 365 suite (including online versions of Word, Powerpoint, Excel, as well as Outlook, Group Conversations, and, the jewel in the crown of Microsoft’s education offerings, OneNote Online), as well as the installable, full-blown versions of these products. Selecting Your ToolIn the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) one-day Teacher Academy, one of the points that is shared is the importance of students being able to select their own tools as appropriate for the job. This, for me, goes to the heart of what it me…

Coding for Non-Programmers #MSFTedu #Google

For the eighth time, I tried to run the function that moved a turtle across my screen, hoping that it would finally draw a hexagon. It worked! Like a gold medalist, I stared in shock at the screen with a smile slowly spreading on my face. For me, it was a personal moment of achievement. Since age thirteen, when I first tried to enter a program copied from Nibble magazine, I’d tried to craft and compile computer programs (a.k.a. coding), often without success. 

Check out CCGA - Make Coding Fun for all!
Yet here I was at the Creative Coding through Games and Apps (CCGA) being successful. Could there finally be hope for non-programmer types like me? With Touch Develop, the answer is a resounding YES. And you can bet your students will find this an engaging tool as they learn how to develop code that works. Upcoming Opportunity:Register to attend the free TCEA Introduction to Creative Coding through Games and Apps on December 2, 2016 in Austin, Texas. This six-hour teacher academy provides …

Exploring Virtual Teaching Environments

While learning management systems (LMS) of yesteryear (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard, Sakai) remain powerhouses of centralized control for educators, most of the teachers I speak to are no longer interested.  It’s as if they are saying, “Ok, why does virtual class management have to be so difficult? I want simple solutions that help me get my work done rather than force me to learn arcane workflows.” As a result, we’ve seen educators eschew solutions like Edmodo, ever on the hunt for the easiest, most powerful tool. Consider new classroom tools as the latest iteration of learning management systems. For example,  Moodle and Blackboard provided one iteration, Edmodo and Schoology another, and now Google Classroom and Microsoft Classroom are the latest iteration. Let’s explore this most recent iteration. Update: Since this blog entry was first submitted for publication, both MS Classroom, OneNote Class Notebook and Google Classroom have released powerful new updates that may not be reflected in …