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Kansas Carnies: A Partial Zombie Tale

Considering Steve Dembo's StoryWars entry, A Funny Thing Happened on Way to Funeral, I couldn't resist putting some of my recent reading into a Chapter 2 of his story. Note that his story had nothing to do with where I took the story next, and that was a part of the fun.

Chapter 2 - Kansas Carnies

"Oh frozen hells!" screamed the voice that echoed across the highway.
Isabelle took off at a run, her boots crunching lightly on the frost wrapped around the blades of grass in a frozen vise. She crossed the distance in just a few seconds, but then slowed to a halt as she saw what had crushed the school bus her husband had buried his truck into. A fraggin' Ferris wheel. Only in her husband's wild imagination would this actually happen. "Ted?" Isabelle said, her voice cautious, as if it could push back the danger spreading like a pool of car gas sliding joyfully towards the grass fire.

"Let's get you out of there!" Isabelle said as she arrived …

Working on Self: Responding to Who Reads Blogs @jeguhlin @teach42

The Dembo (that's Steve Dembo, of course) poses the question, Who even reads blogs anymore? To be honest, I do! But reading blogs is only one half of the equation...the other half, perhaps more important, is writing a blog. Let's reflect on the benefits.

#1-Blog Authors are Empowered.
Just like anyone who seizes the stage in a podcast, a vidcast, writing a blog empowers you. Starting a blog is an act of hope in a desperate world (wouldn't you say that a bazillion people desperate for your attention on a multitude of issues, well, desperate?), and the benefits remain powerful.

I learned that from my son, James, who began his Savvy Gamer blog just a short time ago. Here's an excerpt from his blog entry on Video Games and Storytelling:
Some of the best stories come from TV shows and videogames and they can be incredible influences on the mind of a young child. We will talk about some videogames best storylines in future posts so beware spoilers(I’ll let you know) and as al…

Announcement #Free Professional Learning #Coding #Texas #CCGA Plz RT

Interested in Creative Coding through Games and Apps (CCGA)? Even if you are a "non-programmer," or have experienced failure in the past with coding, consider attending the CCGA professional learning opportunity being held on December 2, 2016 at TCEA in Austin, Texas. The session is available for free and will give you the opportunity to explore the TouchDevelop, a coding environment built for mobile that works on any device (including Chromebooks, iPads, Android)!
Listen to these two brief Voxercasts I recorded with the two awesome gentlemen who introduced me to CCGA: Listen to Voxercast with Gary Gillespie (NCCE), a co-facilitator for my CCGA learning sessionListen to Voxercast with Paul Reynolds, the co-facilitator for my CCGA learning session Aside: Many thanks, Gary and Paul! Register online - Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily repre…

Five Anti-Malware Tips for Schools to Share with Staff

Every other week, I read or hear about  a school district that has suffered a phishing attack, an approach distributed by email designed to trick you into giving your email username and password to criminals. Dealing with ransomware (a form of software that infects your machine when you double-click on it and encrypts your files, then demands you pay them for decrypting them) can be embarrassing, since it may result in the district having to pay to get its data. Or lose the data and tell only the federal auditors coming to evaluate your records for the last five years. Oops! Join the ongoing TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Conversation Online! Explore and share concepts at the intersection of teaching, learning, leading and technology! In addition, ransomware may alsobe distributed to district users via email. Several districts and Texas education service centers have allegedly faced some of these challenges (allegedly because ransomware infestations travel through word of mo…

PBL Planning: Begin with the End in Mind

“The Superintendent just called. The marquee in front of the football stadium hasn’t been connected yet.” I stared at the phone in my hand in disbelief. When my team got together, I reviewed the facts of the situation with them. “There’s a big game tonight and the Superintendent really wants to see that marquee operational. When we spoke earlier, I had the impression the job had been finished last week.” “Apparently,” quipped one technician, “it’s not.” “Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious,” muttered the network engineer responsible for the job. Dialogue-rich scenarios like this one, whether in text, image, or video format, are often sufficient to engage adults or K-12 learners in solving a problem. For adults, the focus may be on generating problem-solving strategies, while for students, the goal may be to achieve an instructional objective. For example, in a recent lesson connected to the 5E + Technology Model, I referred to this past Christmas controversy surrounding hoverboards. KSAT 1…

Easy Answers to FAQs about 3D Printing

Getting started with 3D printing or thinking about it? There are tons of resources online, as well as Diigo groups where resources are shared frequently. Check out the TCEA resources available here and here. And then read below to find answers to the most common 3D printing questions. #1 – Where can I get a 3D printer? There are various printers available, but the one recommended by Mark Simmons (Director of Technology, Sabine Pass ISD) is the Dremel 3D printerFind a comparison table of 3D printers online. Specific recommendations are at the end of this article. #2 – How does 3D printing work? How do I get started? Once you have your 3D printer, you will need to use special software to create print files that tell the printer how to proceed and make things. There are many tools available, among them TinkerCAD, which is a web-based software package that is easy for young learners to start with. Tinkercad is an amazingly powerful easy-to-use tool for creating digital designs that are r…

Navel Gazing: Twitter

Last week, the moment came and went. It wasn't much of a moment, but I was still shocked to see it happen. Having blogged over 12k entries just here at Around the Corner alone (both via Thingamablog tool and Blogger, which is what I use now), as well as extending my PLN to those happy folks who read the award-winning TCEA TechNotes blog that has been kind enough to publish over 67 blog entries since I joined them on March 21, 2016, I shouldn't be surprised at my Twitter moment. How that moment came about is a bit of an irony, though, and worth taking a moment to reflect on.

When I started Around the Corner, as well as jumped into the Twitterverse (May, 2007), I imagined that blogging was a publishing venue, another space to be filled and interacted with. To that end, I started republishing all my old stuff that had been locked up in print magazines--some of which are gone now, so that's a good thing I saved those entries.

My personal goal is to write 100 blog entries at TC…

InfoManagement: Curating and Sharing #onenoteedu #msftedu #anchorcharts

As the end of the school year came into sight, colleague Laura Howard in San Angelo ISD wrote me a short request for help. With her permission, allow me to share it with you: “A few years back at TCEA,” asks Laura Howard in an email, “you had a session on curation and sharing information. You talked about how to weed through information, save it for later, and use tools like IFTTT to set up rules on your social media feeds, etc. Would it be possible for me to get the information you shared at that session?”
“Absolutely!” I replied. “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to revisit such a popular topic!” Let’s divide this up into several bite-sized chunks. What Is Content Curation? Content curation is a way of managing the firehose of data slamming into us from every device we own, from computer to smartphone. But it is more than just sorting and saving the information flow. It is also about re-sharing it with others, thus making you a trusted source of re-mixed information and ide…