Wednesday, July 6, 2016

TCEA MIE Podcast #2 with April Wagner @wagnerwoman #mieexpert

Earlier this school year, I had the chance to sit and record a podcast with April Wagner while we were both attending the incomparable Tots & Technology 2016 Conference in Galveston, Tx. Please allow me to cross-post a selection of the blog entry that appeared originally at TCEA's Technotes blog on 07/05/2016.
Welcome to TCEA MIE Podcast #2!  In these conversations, we explore how educators are using Microsoft tools to achieve instructional objectives. At the Tots and Technology 2016 Conference in Galveston, Texas, I had the opportunity to connect with April Wagner. April provides assistance to teachers of students in grades 4-6. She models how to use Office 365 tools in the classroom. In today’s chat, she shares how easily tools like OneNote can be used to collect information and share it with students’ parents.

Let’s listen in on the conversation with April Wagner.
(Twitter: @wagnerwoman)

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