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Ever wonder how you can get videos (Youtube or otherwise) into your Camera Roll so you can use them in other iOS apps? You're not alone!

Just today, I received the following question via email:
What is the best/easiest way to download a Youtube video or any other video from the web to the iPad - save to the camera roll? The ultimate goal is to the get that video into iMovie or Shadow Puppet, be able to edit it, and include it to the rest of the student presentation. Thanks for any help.  
My response was:

Step 1 - Get the Readdle Documents app (free). To begin, open the Settings for Documents:
a) Go to File Manager and enable iPod Music Library, Show Photos, iTunes Files : This allows you to get and put files (e.g. photos, videos) into your Photos folder in Documents, which is the same folder your Camera Roll pulls from. 
b) Go to Wi-Fi Drive and enable drive: This allows you to connect to your iPad/iOS device via Documents' WiFi drive. That way, you can convert/download videos using your computer and then put them on your iOS device.
Step 2 - Get YouTube (or any) video you want and put it in Documents app on your iOS device. 

There are two approaches you can take, depending on whether you are doing this solely on an iOS device or if you also have access to a computer.

Approach A - 100% on iOS Device, no computer available:
a) Copy the YouTube Video URL: You can use the built-in web browser on Documents app view YouTube videos you want (or just copy the URL/web address for a YouTube video).  
b) Navigate to with Documents web browser and paste in the URL of the YouTube video you want. Then, download/save the video using the on-screen commands. 
c) Tap and drag the downloaded video into the Photos folders in Documents.
Go to Shadow Puppet EDU or any other app that accesses the Camera Roll and get it.

Approach B - Computer and iOS Device

On Your Computer
a) Find a YouTube video, and save it to your computer using,, or any other tool you use (e.g. Firefox's Video Downloader add-on). 
b) Access the Documents WiFi drive (turn it on by tapping on the WiFi icon and connecting to the IP address via a browser). 
c) Upload/Put the video on your computer to Documents
then, on your iOS Device
d) Tap and drag the video you just uploaded from your computer into the Photos folder in Documents.
e) Go to Shadow Puppet EDU or any other app that access the Camera Roll and get it.
Wasn't that easy?

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