Technician Appraisal Checklist

Recently, someone shared the following request with me:
I am needing to complete evaluations for technicians in my district. Do you have any sample forms?
After checking my files, I came across a technician appraisal checklist that I had augmented with specific indicators. I share it with you in case it's helpful...what instrument would you use?

Appraisal Checklist - Technical Support Staff

I. Positive Attitude: Displays a positive attitude with those he/she works with.
  1. Builds positive, supportive relationship with campus leadership, campus technology coordinator(s).
  2. Focuses on the positive, avoids gossiping, making catcalls/whistles, acting unprofessionally in the workplace.
  3. Encourages others to be positive.
  4. Respond promptly to phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication.

II. Cooperation: Works effectively with others.
  1. Collaborates with other technicians to address work orders district-wide.
  2. Shares strategies for improving end-user experiences and address district needs.
  3. Handles conflict effectively, maintaining an even-tempered demeanor that is focused on facts and providing a high level of customer service.

III. Dependability: Reports to work on time, is reliable, works hours as assigned, and is absent only with good cause.
  1. Clocks in and out promptly, adhering to the expectations in the employee handbook.
  2. Clocks in at campus where technician will do work.
  3. Notifies secretary and/or supervisor about absences in advance.

IV. Judgement: Shows good judgement in decision making and problem solving.
  1. Makes decisions that maximize the positive impact of the ECTO Team.
  2. Avoid situations or giving the impression of poor judgement as aligned to District policy.

V. Initiative: Understands what is expected from his/her job. Looks for ways to be more efficient in completing job requirements.
  1. Follows up on work orders without being told, verifies that campus/department equipment is in working order.
  2. New equipment is setup on campuses/departments without being told or a work order on file. In fact, technician files work order for jobs s/he is doing if it is not there.
  3. Comes up with new work to do even not expressly told to and reports on it to supervisor.

VI. Performance of Duties: Complies with his/her job description and performs job with quality results.
  1. Completes work orders in a timely manner, ranging from 48 to 72 hours maximum.
  2. Takes an appropriate amount of time to resolve work orders.
  3. Works with Technology Support Supervisor (Lead Technician) to set priority level of Critical, Emergency, Routine.
  4. Takes responsibility for helping others and ensuring that work orders get done, no matter what the campus.
  5. Makes note of problems they encounter and then shares those—along with a solution if they have one—regularly at team meetings

VII. Complies with Policies and Procedures: Follow policies and procedures set forth by the district.
  1. Completes paperworks--such as delivery logs--and turns them in a timely manner.
  2. Adheres to auxiliary schedules.
  3. Takes 30 minutes for lunch as defined by Payroll Office and District policy.
  4. Accurately completes reports (e.g. mileage), etc.

VIII. Use of Equipment and Materials: Demonstrates proper maintenance, care, storage, use of equipment and material.
  1. Cares for equipment, avoids leaving it in unlocked vehicles or unattended, available for anyone to steal.
  2. Avoids using equipment for inappropriate use.
  3. Takes care of equipment issued to him/her to ensure maximum usage for the District.
  4. Return equipment and installation media promptly to the appropriate person responsible.

IX. Safety and Security: Practices safety procedures at all times while on the job. Able to recognize and correct safety hazards which could cause injury.
  1. Avoids slips and trips hazards.
  2. Exercises caution when working with jagged edges, electrical outlets/conduits, and other areas that may cause harm.

X. Self-Improvement: Participates in work-incentive programs. Always looking for ways to improve his/her work performance.
  1. Completes special training that s/he has committed to (e.g. CompTIA A+ Training, etc.)
  2. Keeps logs of time spent improving his/her work performance.

Technology Support Staff – Metrics for Self-Reflection
District Technology Department

Team Member: ____________________________ Date: ______________________

Purpose: The purpose of these metrics is to enable Technology Support staff to measure progress on meeting the technology needs of the District students and staff. These metrics provide valuable insights into what has been done, how it was done, and can be used to enhance service.

Expectation: Meet the needs of District students and staff by successfully doing what is necessary to close open work orders, while educating them and others in the Technology Department.

Expected Performance
(1-5 pts)
Work Order Cycle Time.
Technicians complete work orders in a timely manner, ranging from 48 to 72 hours maximum.

Technician time on task.
Technician takes an appropriate amount of time to resolve work orders.

Work order cycle vs time on task.
Work orders are being completed in a timely manner (not more than 48-72 hours).

Priority Tracking of Work Orders.
Technician works with Technology Support Staff Manager to set priority level of Critical, Emergency, Routine.

Log your progress at the close of day.
Technician efficiently logs all progress—including lack of it—on work orders in Eduphoria Helpdesk on a daily basis.

Re-Assign trouble tickets to yourself when helping others and log everyone's contributions.
Technician takes responsibility for helping others and ensuring that work orders get done, no matter what the campus.

Share problems and solutions at regular team meetings.
Technician makes note of problems they encounter and then shares those—along with a solution if they have one—regularly at team meetings.

Clock-in and out on time at campuses where you are going to complete work orders.
If Technicians are going to clock-in at campuses near their home, then they should complete work orders while they are there.


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