#TCEATots Voxercasts: Learning for Elementary Educators

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to travel to the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference taking place in Galveston, Texas for elementary educators. When I attend conferences like this one, it can be overwhelming to process all the information that’s being shared. That’s why I took a few moments to start up the Voxer app and interview folks on the way to TCEA Tots. Below, you’ll find short “voxercasts.” The Voxer app makes it easy to record content and then quickly share it. I bookmarked the Tweets where I shared the Voxercasts and you can subscribe to the #TCEATots Voxercasts RSS feed via the Diigo social bookmarking tool.
Note: This was originally posted at the TCEA TechNotes' blog, for whom I author blog entries sharing my experiences as a TCEA Director of Professional Development. Is that cool or what?!? :-)
These TCEA Tots voxercasts really help capture the flavor of this fantastic conference geared to teachers of young children. Note that links below will open to a Voxer page.

Tots and Technology Voxercasts:

  1. Green Screen Tips from Dr. Bruce Ellis
  2. GeoGuesser with Dr. Bruce Ellis 
  3. iPad Sharing Made Easy (Part 1) with Miguel Guhlin
  4. iPad and Android Sharing Made Easy (Part 2) with Miguel Guhlin and Dr. Bruce Ellis 
  5. Notecard Confessions with Pedro Delgado (El Paso ISD)
  6. Virtual FieldTrips and More with Sherrie Berry and Shelley Kozma (Lampasas ISD) Catch them on Twitter @shelleykozma and@sherrie_berrys.
  7. Digital Storytelling with Dr. Martha Green (Texas A&M) and Cecelia “Cece” Porra
  8. Coding in the Language Arts Classroom with Kelly Hong
  9. Seesaw with Brittany Adcock (@adcockb10)
  10. Digital Learning Centers with Crystal Flores and Jeanine Freeman (@techtimewithj9) – This is a fascinating presentation by Crystal and Jeanine about how Crystal created audio versions of her classroom books. Also listen to Dr. Roland Rios share his reflections, too.
  11. TCEA Tots participants were asked to share their insights: What is one take-away from TCEA Tots? 
  12. Collaborative Grant Writing (Part 1 and Part 2)– This was an enlightening session regarding crowdfunding (e.g. DonorsChoose) with Brandi (@aesfinearts) and Mandy Bryan (@mandyrbryan) and collaborative grant writing tools. 
Be sure to check back for even more interviews from TCEA Tots and Technology 2016 in Galveston, Texas. And if you want more learning for elementary educators, consider joining us for the Tots Frisco conference July 24-26.

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