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What's Trending in School Technology Spending?

Thanks to Dr. Evan Lieberman, I had the opportunity to be interviewed for this July/August 2016 piece, What's trending in school technology spending?,  for the Texas School Business journal:
Some of my take-aways from this article include the following:

Budgets for public school districts are shrinking while edtech costs are rising.A knee-jerk reaction is to reduce instructional technology budgets [and, if I may add, cut Instructional Technology specialists/facilitators out, putting them to pasture or forcing their well-roundedness into square holes aligned to yesteryear's approach to curriculum].Some of the key topics in the article include:IT Budgeting - A shift in spending towards mobile devices such as Chromebooks.Chromebooks - Versatile devices that are easy to secure and support.Open Educational Resources (OER)Teacher Technology TrainingNetwork InfrastructureOne of my favorite quotes :
Miguel Guhlin...cites testing as another reason districts are switching to Chromebooks. …

Achieving Inbox Zero with @MSOneNote

People will look over my shoulder when I’m checking my email and, with wonder in their voices, ask, “How is it that you have so few emails?” Achieving Inbox Zero is a personal goal of mine. I loathe clutter, both in my office space and in my email inbox. While creativity flourishes when you juxtapose strange ideas and resources, I like to keep the inbox clear except when I’m actively pursuing the will-o-wisp of innovation. OneNote’s “email it in” function makes that possible.  Note: This blog entry originally published at TCEA TechNotes blog.If you’re wondering how to quickly email content to your OneNote Notebook of choice, it’s not too difficult. You can get there by following these steps. But first, let’s explore why you would want to do this. Here are some reasons: Setup a OneNote to receive emailed assignments from students. Have a class set of iPads? Put a “” email on them as the default, and this will enable your students to email their creations into OneNote …

Become a Storymaker

Note: This blog entry originally published at TCEA TechNotes blog!
When I first participated in Joe Lambert’s digital storytelling workshop, my father had just passed away. Creating a digital story,Garbed in Silver, a combination of narrative and images, helped me cope with the grief of his death. It also helped me reconnect with some of my best memories, allowing me to create a remembrance for my young son that endures today on YouTube and Teachercast video hosting sites. Digital storytelling can be a powerful way to connect with others. In this blog entry, we explore digital storytelling resources and tips. 1) Finding Digital Storytelling Resources Looking for digital storytelling resources? There are quite a few available online. Here are my top three favorites: and StoryCenter’s Digital Storytelling CookbookWe Are StoryMakersUniversity of Houston’s Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling Each of these contains digital stories that connect at a visceral level. And so…

3 Tips for Equipping and Empowering Educators #txeduchat

At a recent #TxEduChat, one of the questions asked was “How do school leaders go about equipping educators through professional development in a way that leads to authentic empowerment?” That’s a tremendously powerful question, so let’s explore how the strategic application of technology can lead to authentic empowerment. Note: This blog entry originally posted at TCEA TechNotes Blog! Check it out!Tip #1 – Amplify Teachers’ Voices in Campus Decisions“You want me to be a member of the campus site-based committee?” I asked my principal. As a third-year teacher, I wasn’t looking forward to spending time sitting in after-school meetings. Yet in those meetings with my principal, I never felt like my voice was heard; rather, it was muted, too soft-spoken for meetings where few knew what would happen as a consequence of a decision. With mobile apps like Skype(10 Ways Teachers Motivate and Empower with Skype),, and Voxer (read stories here of educational uses), campus leaders can cre…

Collecting, Curating, and Sharing with Seesaw

Note: This blog entry originally published at the TCEA TechNotes blog! Read it for more links and resources!
Looking for an easy to use tool that makes collecting, curating and sharing student work from tablets simple? Then Seesaw is a solution worth exploring. At the Tots and Technology Conference held in Galveston, Texas in June, TCEA member Brittany Adcock shared her experienceusing Seesaw, which bills itself as a student-driven digital portfolio solution. Seesaw works on Android and iOS devices (e.g. iPads), making it an incredible tool to simplify and streamline content sharing by students. In the past, students and teachers encountered limits to their sharing. The app works quite easily (check tutorials online) in this way: The teacher creates an account on the Seesaw website, setting up a class.The teacher prints out a flyer emailed to her by Seesaw containing a QR code, then hangs that flyer on the wall where students will be working.Students who are ready to submit their work op…

Podcast: ePortfolios with Google Sites

Listen to Yvonne Clark, Henderson ISD Today, we’ll hear about how one teacher, Yvonne Clark (@yclarkhhs) from Henderson ISD, is using Google Sites as a way to house ePortfolios. Thanks for listening to this TCEA podcast featuring Yvonne Clark (@yclarkhhs) from Henderson ISD. You can find a copy of the show notes online at, which is the TCEA TechNotes Blog, recently recognized by EdTech magazine as one of the top 50 blogs to read in 2016! Note: This podcast was originally shared online at TCEA TechNotes blog.
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#TCEATots Voxercasts: Learning for Elementary Educators

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to travel to the TCEA Tots and Technology Conference taking place in Galveston, Texas for elementary educators. When I attend conferences like this one, it can be overwhelming to process all the information that’s being shared. That’s why I took a few moments to start up the Voxer app and interview folks on the way to TCEA Tots. Below, you’ll find short “voxercasts.” The Voxer app makes it easy to record content and then quickly share it. I bookmarked the Tweets where I shared the Voxercasts and you can subscribe to the #TCEATots Voxercasts RSS feed via the Diigo social bookmarking tool. Note: This was originally posted at the TCEA TechNotes' blog, for whom I author blog entries sharing my experiences as a TCEA Director of Professional Development. Is that cool or what?!? :-) These TCEA Tots voxercasts really help capture the flavor of this fantastic conference geared to teachers of young children. Note that links below will open to a Vox…

TCEA MIE SkypeChat #1 featuring Dr. Tom Grissom

Listen to the TCEA MIE SkypeChat #1 featuring Dr. Tom Grissom via SoundCloud or Get MP3 file Thank you for listening in on the TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator SkypeChat! This is the first in a series of Skype conversations with movers and shakers, educators blending Microsoft technologies into teaching, learning, and leading. My name is Miguel Guhlin (@mguhlin) and I am your host for the TCEA MIE SkypeChat. You can find more information online in the notes for this show at, as well as here. On May 26, 2016, Dr. Tom Grissom (@tomgrissom) took a few minutes out of his busy schedule preparing teachers at Eastern Illinois University. Tom serves Eastern Illinois as the Director of the Instructional Technology Center (ITC for short). If his voice sounds familiar, you may have heard him via the TechTalk4Teachers podcast. You can access his podcasts on a variety of topics online here. I approached Tom about one of his presentations, Exploring Doc-casting. Now, if you’re n…

Free Professional Development #microsoft #msftedu

Are you a…learner? Teacher? Leader? Innovator? Take advantage of the no-cost TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) academies taking place throughout Texas over the next few months. TCEA and Microsoft have partnered to make these professional learning opportunities available to anyone, member or non-member, FREE! Find a location near you at the list appearing at the bottom of this blog entry. What is the TCEA Microsoft Innovative Educator Academy? The newly re-designed TCEA MIE one-day academies provide participants with specific instructions and suggestions for blending technology into the classroom curriculum. Some of the topics include: Create narrated slideshows, digital stories, and information-rich slideshows that enhance teaching, learning, and leading.Organize classroom lessons for students that allow them anytime, anywhere access to embedded videos and content, great for flipped learning opportunities.Develop web-based forms to capture real data from respondents and then ag…