WordPress, Oh WordPress, How I Loathe Thy Links

Since I'm now contributing to a Wordpress blog on a regular basis, one of the annoying aspects of Wordpress includes a terrible way of handling links, as shown in the picture below. It takes 3 clicks to get things done.

As a result, I've started looking for an alternative blog entry composer, another way of writing and submitting to Wordpress.

notice I typed the link in the box...

but you can see that it just made a search out of it, and
I have to click on the "open link in a new tab" box. What a pain!

One of the solutions I stumbled upon, almost immediately, is the Open Live Writer, a Windows program for the new Windows 10 machine that I'm carrying around these days (OneNote IS the killer app).

Open Live Writer looks like a free open source version of Windows Live Writer (which you can still get but hasn't kept up with the times), and works surprisingly well (Microsoft and Windows are surprising almost every day with how wonderful they are).

As you can see from the image above, one of Open Live Writer advantages over Windows Live Writer is that it supports Wordpress and Google's Blogger (my favorite blogging tool!).  The former has worked quite well.

Mac user? https://www.getblogo.com/

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Mr. RCollins said…
What version of Wordpress? I didn't remember this behavior, and just tried it in 4.5.1 and was able to highlight the word or phrase, click link, type or paste the url, and then pressed enter. It created the link without any further questions.

I'm currently testing the official Wordpress app at apps.wordpress.com, which is so far, just ok. But it's quicker than using the website.

That being said, I'm a huge fan of Open Live Writer. :-)

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