Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Three Strategies to Create InfoGraphics for the Art-Challenged @tcea @tltechlive

Special thanks to Peggy Reimers for inspiring this blog post with her TCEA Lunch & Learn Webinar, Engage Learners with Infographics:

My blog post, which speaks to my experiences as an art-challenged youth (and adult), appears at the TCEA blog. Here's an excerpt:

I don’t remember how it happened or what I was working on, but the “F” in Art on my kindergarten report card painted its own picture. And that “painting” hangs on my mental wall of shame, a constant reminder that I am terrible at art. In fact, we probably all need to be a little more conscious of grading policies that are letter-focused and their negative effect...

Then, I explore a bit about the grading injustices we have all encountered in our lives. After that, I reference Peggy Reimers and share the 3 strategies:
Strategy 1: Voice and Choice
Strategy 2: Start with a specific topic
Strategy 3: Use easy tools

They seem pretty obvious, but it's what comes after each strategy that is pure gold...not because I wrote it, but because it arose out of the dynamic conversations that happen when people (myself included) are learning!
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And, thanks to the T&L folks at ISTE for featuring it!

Find out more about what they are doing - http://tltechlive.techlearning.com/

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