Solving the Testing Problem with iPad Assessment Apps

The following blog entry appeared in TCEA TechNotes and is a collaboration between the editor (Lori Gracey) and I, even though my name appears on the byline:
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An excerpt from the lead:
“Miguel, I hear complaints from educators about standardized testing almost every day,” said Lori Gracey, TCEA Executive Director, recently, “and I fully understand how they feel. All of those tests take much-needed time away from learning, they’re so 19th century (Scantron sheets and pencils? Really?), they’re unfair in that they pigeonhole students, they’re hard on the kids and teachers alike, and so much more. ”
“Those are all valid complaints,” I responded.
“Yet,” Lori responded, “standardized testing isn’t going away. What we can hope and work toward, however, is that it will change.”
At an Apple briefing yesterday, an assessment expert shared what other states are doing to improve the quality and depth of assessment and incorporate technology into the process. She showed us how technology can enable the tests to go beyond guessing and multiple choice and into the realm of really helping to determine what a student does and doesn’t know. To see examples of some of these type of questions that can be answered using technology, scroll toward the bottom of this page of demos. You’ll find test questions where students must draw or highlight on an image, label a map with drag and drop, sort or order lists by moving items around, plot points and lines on a grid, and much more that cannot be done now with standard paper and pencil testing.
Read more online at TCEA's Blog

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