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"A writer, writes." How funny. Those are the same words I share with my children, both of whom are aspiring writers. Jonathan Maberry attributes them to Ray Bradbury, an author he met in school thanks to his school librarian (librarians swooned when he said this!).
Jonathan Maberry's "Chase Card," a term popularized in Rot & Ruin series of books.

When my daughter tweeted that  Jonathan Maberry would be in San Antonio this past Saturday at the Library Palooza 2013, I had a chilling moment of dread.

After all, Maberry has written some of my favorite zombie books, no matter that I hadn't read them until recently.
Note: I regret that I missed the first 15 minutes or so of Jonathan's presentation since I was recording this with my iPad and when I switched from Recorder Plus HD app to AudioNotes to take notes, unfortunately, the apps fought each other for control. AudioNotes simply turned off Recorder Plus...this is normal and I should have noticed it sooner. Ah well.

My Notes:
Disclaimer: Please forgive typos...I was typing this on my iPad in an auditorium seat. Maberry makes some great points...I've highlighted my favorites!

In Mntgomery, Tx, Austin...the perception is that no one in Texas reads, but then you find out they read a lot. I'm having a great time with librarians and readers, and you are really impressive, and exciting because of all the books you're reading.
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I've been a writer all my a kid, I wrote for every school paper I could find. I would write things that would deeply disturb teachers. I was sent to the counselors twice. Better out than in. I wrote about people who fought monsters. I went into different writing in college...and ended up becoming magazine writer, mostly martial arts. I've been doing martial arts since I was six. Ive written 1200 feature articles, did movie reviews, and music concerts.

I did a movie opening of Conan (Arnold S.). I got to meet Arnold and other cast members like James Earl Jones. I get to write about stuff, meet cool people and do cool stuff.

I was a bodyguard for a few years. The life expectancy of a bodyguard is 5 years...I worked for 4 years. I have scrrews and pins holding my body together, scar tissue. I taught at Temple University...jujitu, women self-defense class. We got beat up pretty badly and bring in different styles. We even did Chuck Norris before he became a movie star.

There was a point when Chuck Norris was the world champion for several times...I was an actor briefly. I wrote lyrics for a couple of bands.

In the late 90s, they offered me a 4 book deal about martial art and another book. . .I told them I wanted to write a book about vampires under a pen name. "A Fieldgame to the Undead" under the pen name Shane McDougle.

I killed off my pen name...there was a party for dead writers. Shane was killed by vampires, submitted an obituary, and people actually thought he was dead.
Write more non-fiction  about monsters.

I was trying to find fiction that were based off folklore and legends. Lots of neat vampire facts - stakes were used to pin down vampires while their heads were being cut off, sunlight doesn't kill vampirres.

writing fiction was an experiment. I'm a non-fiction writer. I thought I'd write it and get it out of my system but found it was really 3 novels. It was nominated for two awards...novel of the year and bram stoker.

Stephen King sends him sympathy cards for two votes.

Maberry won for best first novel. Getting published was more luck than talent.  It made him believe that writing fiction was something he should try doing again. He's written 15 novels.

"Watch Over Me" is a new book series for teens, includes a transgender student.

"Patient Zero"...was called up by Marvel Comics and asked, "Would you write for Marvel?' That's the silliest question he's heard, he started doing the snoopy dance.I was just freaky.

I learned to read with Marvel Comics..they didn't figure out I needed glasses until third grade. Maberry will be writing a series for Dark Horse. Got a phone call while I was watching Battlestar Galactica. The person was a vicepresident of something..."Have you heard of the Wolfman?" They were making the remake the wolfman, and he was asked to write the novelization. The book was a New York Times bestseller, even though the movie wasn't that great.

These days, I write for Marvel, young adult, I get to play in my imagination all day long and get paid for it. They are going to make movies of Rot & Ruin. It's pretty close to the book. Tear-jerker of a book.

I'm still at heart a pop-culture geek. When I see that stuff on screen, I'm just going to freak. I'm doing a lot of projects.

"Marvel Universe Series...a plague is released that turns a part of the population into cannibals and they go around eating people. The perspectives of the series are Punisher, Wolverine and Hawkeye. It's kind of fun having my own universe in Marvel. The inspiration for zombies is from George Romero."

The Fallen night" What happens when a quarantine

Few people tell what happens when the collapse of society happens. It's tough to kill characters off. It's also tough to leave people. I killed characters off before. I don't cheap-shot a character's death and it's planned from the very beginning.

He's publishing a novella "Fun and Games" about Tom Imura rescuing someone. That might end up being a prequel movie.

"Tooth and Nail" novella...Mike weeney shows up and

If you go to write a zombie book, write about the people who are caught up in events. All good fiction starts with great mess with their lives, and in catastrophic story, that's when people lose their affect. These types of stories and use the characters that lead you into the story, you will write compelling stories.

Most writers start and then doubt whether its good. Finish something, buy yourself a present, then rewrite. Write to completion. People who do that are likely to get into print.

Joe or movie? This was originally optioned by Sony/ABC.      
4  rot and ruins, two dead of night books,

Write 2-3 novels a year...a few dozen pitches to agent, and she shares the hottest ones. only been writing novels since 2005. When he was a kid, he had the chance to meet Ray Bradbury..."a writer, writes" and should be open to writing anything.

What first book? "Judo with You"
I wrote my first book on ghosts because I wanted to write a  book that dealt in that world. Of all thee horror flicks you've seen, but i recommend these two: ""The haunting" and "Dawn of the Dead" and The Walking Dead.

Easter egg....2nd and third series that ties into rot and ruin. In the cards, you'll find Rick and Karl.

"What would you recommend I tell them about getting them excited about reading?" Rot & Ruin...ordinary people becoming extraordinary, which anyone can do. Romance is in there but not pushy. Martial art and sword play and 7 million zombies...what's not to like? I wrote the book I would have wanted to read if I was a 15 year old.

What's your favorite color? Blue.

Without Stan Lee, there wouldn't be  a comic book industry. He talked about important issues in his comics. He was bold. He's still a powerhouse. You can do your job, be creative and have fun.

First comic I ever bought was Fantastic Four, #68. My second favorite is Hellboy.

You can get past writers block if you stop trying to be perfect. I set myself a word count per day. If I would write 2000, I would set myself a 1000 word limit to write to and if I did it, I would put a dollar in. I bribed myself into writing.

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