Make Thinking Visible: #Google Hangouts for Educators #gafe

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Does your school cultivate a “culture of thinking?” That is, a culture where educators make their thinking visible to each other and students? We often expect our children to just “know how to think,” but in our role as educators, we must make our own thinking processes transparent. Yet doing that only with our students, if at all, may not provide us with enough practice.
This problem of getting educators to slow down, make note of how and why they are thinking, and then share that with others in a way that’s understandable can be solved simply with more practice. Solutions like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Skype,,, and Voxer chats all present opportunities for us to trot out our thinking in front of others and see what happens. Let’s look at Google Hangouts for Educators as one example of a technology that can help make our thinking visible.

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