Keep the Faith

"We’ve had years, if not a couple of decades," says Tim Stahmer (Assorted Stuff), "of research questioning the effectiveness of technology in schools." In a previous entry, Can Education Keep Up with Tech World?, Tim asserts:
...teacher-controlled delivery of information, paired with curriculum-approved context doesn’t work anymore, no matter how hard we work to graft technology into it. Our traditional system is not one that will prepare students for a world “moving too fast for the political and legal process”.
Jose Vilson puts it succinctly, when discussing education reform, and what is educational technology but a form of reform?
...we’re all getting a little tired of this … crap we call education reform.
Source: The Jose Vilson Blog
Who isn't tired of the edtech arguments? Asking someone to pour new wine into old wineskins--that is, show teachers how to integrate technology--is ludicrous. Put another way,  
"You can't put new ideas into old mind-sets. You can't get new results with old behaviors." (Source)

These days, if you're a teacher and you're NOT getting connected and learning how to blend technology, you're just someone taking up space. That doesn't make you a bad person, but why should anyone waste their time?This are old, tired arguments. Either education isn't changing fast enough, or technology is being used to support old paradigms, or tech is a catalyst for change (usually, just big investments in hardware that lasts as long as the current administration needs it to).

For some, it's about putting the power back in teachers' hands:
A survey conducted by a teacher marketplace and an education technology “accelerator” found that while only 38 percent of teachers currently have a role in the decision-making process of ed tech, 63 percent want to be in charge of those decisions. Right now, almost half say those choices are decided by education leaders at the school, district or regional levels. Source: Dian Schaffhouser, THE Journal
But you know what? That's like putting the power to turn the lights on or off on the Titanic in the hands of the passengers after the ship has already hit the iceberg. The ship is sinking, and turning on the lights may work for awhile, what?

In spite of that fact, we have to persevere. We have to keep the faith.


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