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Jennifer Bergland (TCEA) shared this information about this event...For your convenience, please find a brief blurb below:

The day and half agenda provides Future Ready District Leadership Teams with dedicated time to set a shared vision for student learning, make action plans for digital learning, and meet other regional leaders who are engaged in Future Ready.   Each summit provides access to experts in the field who will answer detailed questions and help solve specific issues facing each district team.  The teams will engage in facilitated conversations, sharing sessions, networking activities, and team planning opportunities

To find out more about it, read their web site. 

Future Ready is coming to Austin on April 25-26th – Sign up TODAY to save your district’s spot!

We are excited to be coming to Austin, Texas for a Future Ready Summit!  Please consider joining us for this free event.  It is a great way to 1) develop a strong Future Ready Team in your district, 2)  collaborate and network with other district leaders in the region, as well as 3) leave inspired and able to create and implement a Future Ready action plan. 

The Summit is a team based agenda with hands on activities, demonstrations, and plenty of team planning time! Review the Workshop Objectives  and consider participating in this important event.

Registration is free, and space is limited.
Sign Up Today!

And, from TCEA:

TCEA is excited to host the Future Ready Summit in Austin on April 25-26. Future Ready, in partnership with the U. S. Department of Education, will be a free two-day event focused on district-level planning for the purpose of elevating instructional outcomes using digital learning and networking with other regional leaders who are engaged in Future Ready initiatives.

The Summit is open to district leadership teams from districts where the superintendent has signed theFuture Ready District Pledge, a commitment to implementing meaningful changes toward a digital learning transition that supports teachers and addresses the district's vision for student learning. If your superintendent has not yet signed the pledge, it's not too late - sign the pledge!

Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity for your district team to jump-start planning efforts and vision for student learning under direct guidance from Future Ready facilitators. Registration for this important event is FREE, but space is limited. So register TODAY to save your team's spot at the Summit.

If you have any questions, please contact Sara Hall at 410-279-3368 or shall@all4ed.org.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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