Encrypted File Systems (EncFS)

What a fascinating read (if you're into protecting your confidential files on your computer) about the EncFS (encrypted file system) in this blog entry, Using EncFS with Dropbox.

To put it as plainly as possible, this solution does the following:
  • works on Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Encrypts data on your computer
  • Makes it easy to encrypt data that you put in a folder that syncs (gets sent) to cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, etc.
Clear as mud? Try reading this:
Do you store sensitive files on Dropbox or another cloud storage service? Encrypt them with EncFS for Linux, an encrypting file system that transparently encrypts and decrypts each individual file with your encryption key. There’s also an experimental Windows build.
EncFS works differently from a TrueCrypt container, which stores your encrypted files in a single large file. Instead, EncFS creates separate files for each file you add. It works better with cloud storage services that would re-upload the entire TrueCrypt container each time it’s changed.
Installation instructions:

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