Sunday, March 6, 2016

Voxflections 1 and 2: On Criticism & Technology @jenhegna

This past week, thanks to Jennifer Casa-Todd's kind tweet, I joined in on the book chat--via Voxer--around George C's book, Innovator's Mindset. The conversation was so empowering, enthusiastic, it shook some ideas loose from my brain. Rather than blog those, I decided to use Voxer to record the reflections in MyNotes (or in Android Voxer, Notes to Self). Jen Hegna asked to hear them, then questioned me about my burgeoning effort:
Do you use voxer as your own personal reflection tool?
Originally, I hadn't thought of using Voxer in that way, more as a way to quickly audio record some thoughts and then make them available to others. But then I realized that I was using Voxer as a reflection tool...personal? Not personal in the sense of "private, no one else can listen in" but more reflections to share with others who might be interested. That reflected my new habit:
Yes, I have been trying to get into the habit of audio reflections as a way to "blog in audio form" and get comfortable with sharing my thoughts in my own voice. I admire that folks like Wes Fryer and Bud Hunt are/have been able to do that, and I want to develop the same verbal fluency.
What do you think, should I stick to blogging reflections or do more audio? For now, let's see what happens to these..."Voxflections:"
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