Open to Possibility!

A favorite song of mine comes from the O'Shea group, Here I Am. Have a listen...aren't they great?

Moving from one job to another, there's something wonderful about taking a moment to reflect on the past, your hopes and dreams, and then, to re-open yourself to possibilities, to dream new dreams, to simply be open to possibility, to accept that you don't know exactly what's going to happen...and be grateful.

For example, as I divest myself of all the equipment issued to me in my current position, it's a wonderfully liberating feeling to turn it all in. My hands are empty, ready to pick up new ideas, new technologies, explore different avenues of accomplishing my life goals. That's why I love the O'Shea song...every thing that you imagined might derail you from your course actually moves you towards something phenomenal and fantastic.

A year or so ago, someone asked me, "Would you buy a high-powered Mac if you had to start over with a computer?" My response, which I detailed in a blog entry I can't find right now, involved investing in an Acer C740 Chromebook, loading GNU/Linux on it, and using the "Chrome" side of it to tap into the GoogleApps ecosystem. And, surprisingly, the experiment has been working great. I'm sure as I embrace a new job with different responsibilities, I'll be using different technologies. But because I've always "kept my hand in" with new tech, I feel comfortable that I'll be able to transcend the tech to get things done.

Changing jobs has given me the opportunity to explore the Acer C740 Chromebook--loading Xubuntu on it as well so that I can do Chromebook stuff, but also, edit audio, move email from one IMAP account to another, remote into Linux-based servers via ssh and more--and the experience has been fun! Cost of the machine? $300. It's an Acer C740 with 4 gigs of RAM, 16gigs of storage, and 9 hour battery's essentially, an awesome machine that I need as a writer and Linux nut. It actually plays well with everything and is easily my primary machine that I carry around.

As my 3rd generation iPad, which I essentially bought for my previous position since they were heavily invested in iPad, I've transitioned from an Android phone to an iPhone 6 Plus. I had invested quite heavily ($200 total, if I had to add it up) in apps that work on iOS, and feel quite comfortable working with iOS (I facilitated workshops on app-smashing and wrote an ebook, so...). But for my personal, carry around device, I am now carrying a $30 (bought it at a discount this past Xmas) Amazon Kindle Fire, and it's great for reading and watching videos. While my 3rd gen iPad still works, I go to it less these days...the Fire is "good enough."

One of the technologies I've relied on in the past has included external USB hard drives. This past month, I've spent time "cleaning out" the junk that accumulates in files, then moving it to cloud storage. Slimming down my data, my cloud storage options has made it easy to backup everything, eliminating unnecessary apps.

As I reflect on the other changes, I'm reminded of the old saying, "Drop the old stuff you are carrying so you can pick up the new." Looking around my home office, I'll probably have to do some more sorting through the old stuff, to make sure I keep what will support me as I open the door to possibilities. But, you may be happy to know, I won't be dropping Around the Corner! It is where I'll be tracking my journey into possibility.

How are you open to possibility in your life, work, and technology?

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