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Recently, a colleague shared she was on a search for everyone's top, must-have app. The idea for her blog entry stuck in my brain, and I couldn't help but wonder, What's YOUR top 5 iOS app list? I started to wonder, what ARE MY favorite apps? I did a quick inventory of my iPhone, and this blog entry details what I came up with. In this entry, you'll find my picks for the following:

  • Multi-purpose music player, ebook reader, zip/unzip, download utility, file manager
  • Podcast player
  • Audio recording app
  • Email
  • Image editing/annotation

Here are the apps I load on an iPad or iPhone every time, without fail at least several times a day, if not more!

  1. Readdle Documents (Free) - I was shaken (joking, Kasey!) to read that Shake It Up Learning had highlighted Simple Transfer app (clearly an archived post from 2014, but hey, it's what inspired this particular app entry). This is the MUST-HAVE iOS app, enabling you to easily transfer--to cloud storage, over WiFi, WebDav server, FTP, email--data to and from your iOS.  You can play music, zip/unzip files, download files like PDFs and view them with a built-in browser, as well as read non-DRM ePub ebooks! In fact, I credit Readdle Documents with keeping me using my iPad when I was ready to throw it into the trash.
  2. Overcast (Free) - Looking for a podcast app that doesn't force you to navigate through tons of ads, and pretty images? Well, Overcast is THE app. I literally use this app (all of the ones on this list fall into that category) every day, but more importantly, it helps me maintain my sanity on long commutes. Need some content to start out with? Subscribe to Podiobooks content and TED talks.
  3. Voice Record Pro (Free) - There isn't a week that goes by that I don't need to record something quickly. While Voxer is a nice alternative, Voice Record Pro makes it easy to quickly record MP4 audio files, with built-in conversion to MP3, and you can do some easy editing, as well as save files to the cloud (e.g. Dropbox, Drive).
  4. CloudMagic (Free) - This incredible email app makes it a cinch to check multiple email accounts, including Exchange/Outlook, IMAP/POP accounts. It also allows you to quickly save content to OneNote, Evernote, Pocket, and a variety of other locations. But wait, there's more! It allows you to use ONE login/pwd then syncs all your email accounts. Since I have about 5-6 that I manage these days, it saves me some time after installing it. It also works on Android and Mac, too.
  5. And, finally, for quick image editing, and this is tough because there are several contenders, I rely on Annotate, Over, and Aviary for creating those quote images that everyone loves to get in their Facebook feed. For quick framing/editing of a photo, LiPix does a nice job!
I hope this list is helpful to you!

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