's Top 5 #Security and #Privacy #iOS Apps

Looking at my iPhone, I wonder how the FBI/NSA/local techie-crook could crack the security on my device! Of course, it would probably just take a wrench strategically applied, but that's not why we protect our confidential, personally identifiable data in certain apps!

Here's the run-down on my top 5 iOS Security and Privacy apps:

  1. ProtonMail (Free) - If you have to send private, encrypted email, then ProtonMail has new apps for iOS and Android. You can now take the Switzerland-based encrypted email service--not unlike the now made defunct by FBI, Lavabit--on the go with your mobile device. It's a cinch to use, and you have no excuse for sending top secret data unencrypted via email.
  2. PIA VPN (Annual cost of $50) - Looking for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide some security when you're writing the great American novel or confidential write-up at Starbucks? Then, Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great VPN that works on every computer and mobile device, including my iPhone/iPad. I highly recommend it because it is drop-dead easy!
  3. MiniKeepass (Free) - If you're not using LastPass ($13 annual subscription), then you might consider creating a Keepass database (free, open source, no cost) and saving it on Dropbox or Drive. You can then open it on your mobile device with MiniKeepass app. This really is a life-saver when you need to access the 52 zillion passwords modern life demands!
  4. P.T.E. (Free) - Need to quickly encrypt text messages or emails with confidential info? Then use Paranoia's Text Encryptor (P.T.E. for short). It makes these encryption of text messages, etc. a lot easier. It doesn't encrypt files (you would probably need AESCrypt for that) but I seldom have that need.
  5. Google Authenticator (Free) - Are you using 2-factor authentication? If not, you should be! Google's Authenticator app works great and provides you with the code you need to quickly login to your Gmail, Evernote (if you use that), Dropbox, etc. Definitely a must-have if you're using 2-factor authentication (and you should be!).
Now, that's a short list. Of course, I also have Signal, Peerio, iCabMobile browser installed on my iPhone. Do I actually use them? Not really but you never know as a citizen journalist (eye-roll) when I may be called upon to use them! Haha... 

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