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Concerned about what others may be saying about you on social media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram? Here are some tips on how to stay current on what is going on in social media that pertains to you:

Tip #1 - Be present.
If you want to control what is being said about you on social media, the best way to do that is to be mindful that everything you post portrays the image you want others to see of you. That image should be accurate to who you are...this isn't a game of deceit, but rather of being open with others where appropriate. That means, yes, that YOU must make a dedicated effort to post positive content relevant to the person you want to appear as. Lack of participation on your part means, not silence, but rather, that other's messages about you will rise to the top. Be present and share quality information with others. Avoid sharing information that tracks your location and actions, unless you are prepared to deal with the consequences (maybe someone can track your movements so they can rob your house/apartment). Instead, share information that is useful, important, and reflects what is best about you and your family.

Tip #2 - Google Yourself...Often.
If you aren't "googling" yourself, then you may be missing out on what others are seeing when they search for you. Everyone is curious...what DOES Google say about me? By becoming aware of what is being shared online, you can work to counteract, or improve, on the messages that are being shared about you. In truth, the goal is to share what is happening that you wish to celebrate, or, what you have learned through reflection.

Tip #3 - Stake Your Claim on popular social media.
Imagine if someone stole your identity and began to impersonate you. That would be a problem, wouldn't it? The same can happen online. Someone could, with little effort, go online and register your name on popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, LinkedIn, and immediately begin to impersonate you. They could create a Gmail account, a Google Voice number, and begin to build a social media presence that fails to reflect your reality, your unique brand of awesomeness.

That's why it is important that YOU "stake your claim" on popular social media sites and put into practice Tip #4.

Tip #4 - Be Consistent.
Often, some will use their first name and last name to create their username on one social media site, but use a nickname for another. You must be strategic about your social media usernames. Create ONE username that is unique and you can use across multiple social media sites. In this way, you not only build a presence and stake a claim on social media. You can do the same thing with images and videos that you put out about yourself. 

If you're going to be casual, say WHY it's appropriate and be purposeful in sharing that why. After all, if you are a beachcomber, it may make perfect sense to share yourself looking like one. Otherwise, ask yourself, how can I look my best without being deceptive? Consider avoiding glamour shots or pictures you in evening wear. Instead, go for a professional or business casual look.

Tip #5 - Create Alerts.
If you simply left it to the first 4 tips, you would have a vibrant presence that you occasionally monitored via Google. And, while that's OK, depending on what may be happening, you may need a more "in your face" system to make you aware of changes in your social media profiles. To accomplish that, you can use one of the following free tools to notify you when things are changing:
  • HowSociable - Helps you gauge your impact online in various social media outlets, providing insight on the "magnitude" of your social media efforts ranging from 0 to 10.
  • TalkWalker Alerts - Talkwalker Alerts are an easy and free alerting service that provides email updates of the latest relevant mentions on the Web directly to your email inbox.
  • Social Mention - This search engine allows you to conduct multiple searches, then receive updates via email or RSS. You can use to track RSS feeds, enabling you to get many RSS feeds coming to one location, Feedly.
  • Google Alerts - This tool has been around awhile and provides you with email or RSS updates to activity.
Applying these 5 tips can help ensure that you are reflecting your inner beauty via social media in ways acceptable in your community. Remember to avoid engaging in behavior that can be perceived to be hurtful or less than kind.

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Great post. Monitoring social media is a great way to do proper reputation management. Setting up all those alerts is very helpful.

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