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Are are you an avid reader? I know I am! It's unbelievable how much content is available and demanding attention. Over the years, I've taken advantage of the following apps to feed my reading addiction!

  1. Readdle Documents (Free) - As I mentioned in this blog entry, the Documents app makes it a cinch to read non-Digital Rights Management (DRM) ePub/PDF ebooks. There is a pile of content available you can carry around, and now, with GoogleDocs ePub export, you can easily carry around important documents in ePub format and read them in Documents. Loading up ePub/PDF files onto your iOS device is a cinch with Documents.
  2. Google Play Books (Free) - Although an early Barnes and Noble Nook adopter (Amazon was on my never use list for years), I decided to begin investing in a book collection in Google Play. And, of course, there is a ton of free content on there too. What's neat is that you can easily drop content into Google Play and it will sync across devices (including my Chromebook). This makes it easy to not only load content in, but also keep track of what page I am on. If you are moving across devices in the Google ecosystem, then definitely consider Google Play books.
  3. Kindle (Free) - Like everyone else, I have fallen beneath Amazon's spell. Fortunately, I have managed to keep my collection of ebooks in non-DRM (get them via Smashwords when possible!) and Google Play, but I confess to having purchased a few titles here.
  4. Feedly (Free) - It's not enough to just read books and magazines, so much awesome content is available in other people's writings in blogs. Every time I open up Feedly, I am rejuvenated and inspired by so many others. Feedly makes it easy to read and share content into various content curation engines (like Pocket).
  5. Medium (Free) - Although not at the top of my list for checking out other people's writing (too unfocused) like Feedly is, I do confess that there are times when I tap on Medium in the hopes of great essays and content. And, wow, there is great stuff there!
What are your top "reading" apps?

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