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Hard to believe any of us have time to watch television and movies, and, as you might guess, I seldom watch television anymore. Instead, I snatch moments of thrills and excitement via "small screens" using apps like those included below.  Note that most of these require subscriptions of some sort, but they are well worth the price.

  1. Amazon Music - One of the best ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime account is to listen to the endless supply of music. I have discarded much of my MP3 collection--painfully ripped from my defunct audio CDs--and now simply rely on Amazon Music.
  2. Amazon Video - Wow, what a wealth of great videos, series that are available. Justified, The Killing, and countless movies have kept me entertained while working at home on a project. Definitely encourage the Amazon Prime subscription.
  3. Netflix - Looking for a great series or catch up on some movies? Netflix may provide the content. I won't spend much time on this, but it's definitely worth the subscription.
  4. Hulu - If you need to catch up on a television series you've missed, Hulu is the answer! A new series, The 100, has enthralled us at home, but due to work and school, we can't often catch it at its scheduled time. And, the family television set may be in use when we can watch it. As a result, Hulu makes it possible to "catch up" on our favorite shows (e.g. Criminal Minds) when we want, where we want.
  5. Movies by Flixster - And, finally, since going to the movies is something we thoroughly enjoy, finding out when/where new movies are playing, available movie reviews, etc., then this is the app I use.
Some other apps include my Roku remote control app that makes for fun when others are using it (I have no idea how that channel changed!) and TimeWarnerCable suite of apps.

What are your favorite entertainment apps?

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