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Three Tips for Classrooms Using Office 365

Looking for powerful tools to enable critical skills like group-to-group creativity, collaboration, and sharing? Microsoft Office 365 provides educators with a powerful suite of tools that can be used to empower students to create, connect, collaborate, and share their processing of academic content. If you are familiar with Google Apps for Education tools, then you already have foundation skills to take advantage of Office 365. I invite you to explore how MS Office 365 tools OneNote and Sway can boost teaching and learning in your classroom.

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5 Ways to Live Stream Your District's High School Graduation

Wondering what to do about video streaming high school graduation live? Yes, it is that time of year when superintendents are frantically turning to their technology staff and saying, “Help! We need to stream graduation this year! Can you get it done?” Of course, at this time of year, there is little budget to get the job done, so you have whatever funding is left over from the school year.  The pressure is on! 

Interested in reading more of what I've written for publication at TCEA's TechNotes? Click this link!

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Gamifying Learning with Quizziz #tcea #gamify #gaming

Be sure to check out my new article over at TCEA's TechNotes blog...thanks to Lori Gracey (Editor) and TCEA for publishing it:

Here's the lead of that article:
Researchers from the Pew Research Center have found that gamifying learning stimulates interest and deep engagement with content.  Two tools that facilitate this include Kahoot! and the relative newcomer, Quizziz.Read the rest over at TCEA TechNotes.

Interested in reading more of what I've written for publication at TCEA's TechNotes? Click this link!
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Hard to believe any of us have time to watch television and movies, and, as you might guess, I seldom watch television anymore. Instead, I snatch moments of thrills and excitement via "small screens" using apps like those included below.  Note that most of these require subscriptions of some sort, but they are well worth the price.

Amazon Music - One of the best ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime account is to listen to the endless supply of music. I have discarded much of my MP3 collection--painfully ripped from my defunct audio CDs--and now simply rely on Amazon Music.Amazon Video - Wow, what a wealth of great videos, series that are available. Justified, The Killing, and countless movies have kept me entertained while working at home on a project. Definitely encourage the Amazon Prime subscription.Netflix - Looking for a great series or catch up on some movies? Netflix may provide the content. I won't spend much time on this, but it's definitely worth the subsc…'s Top 5 Reading #iOS Apps #ePub #ebook

Are are you an avid reader? I know I am! It's unbelievable how much content is available and demanding attention. Over the years, I've taken advantage of the following apps to feed my reading addiction!

Readdle Documents (Free) - As I mentioned in this blog entry, the Documents app makes it a cinch to read non-Digital Rights Management (DRM) ePub/PDF ebooks. There is a pile of content available you can carry around, and now, with GoogleDocs ePub export, you can easily carry around important documents in ePub format and read them in Documents. Loading up ePub/PDF files onto your iOS device is a cinch with Documents.Google Play Books (Free) - Although an early Barnes and Noble Nook adopter (Amazon was on my never use list for years), I decided to begin investing in a book collection in Google Play. And, of course, there is a ton of free content on there too. What's neat is that you can easily drop content into Google Play and it will sync across devices (including my Chromebo…'s Top 5 #Security and #Privacy #iOS Apps

Looking at my iPhone, I wonder how the FBI/NSA/local techie-crook could crack the security on my device! Of course, it would probably just take a wrench strategically applied, but that's not why we protect our confidential, personally identifiable data in certain apps!

Here's the run-down on my top 5 iOS Security and Privacy apps:

ProtonMail (Free) - If you have to send private, encrypted email, then ProtonMail has new apps for iOS and Android. You can now take the Switzerland-based encrypted email service--not unlike the now made defunct by FBI, Lavabit--on the go with your mobile device. It's a cinch to use, and you have no excuse for sending top secret data unencrypted via email.PIA VPN (Annual cost of $50) - Looking for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide some security when you're writing the great American novel or confidential write-up at Starbucks? Then, Private Internet Access (PIA) is a great VPN that works on every computer and mobile device, including …'s Top 5 Utility Apps for iOS #iOS #free

Recently, a colleague shared she was on a search for everyone's top, must-have app. The idea for her blog entry stuck in my brain, and I couldn't help but wonder, What's YOUR top 5 iOS app list? I started to wonder, what ARE MY favorite apps? I did a quick inventory of my iPhone, and this blog entry details what I came up with. In this entry, you'll find my picks for the following:

Multi-purpose music player, ebook reader, zip/unzip, download utility, file managerPodcast playerAudio recording appEmailImage editing/annotation

Here are the apps I load on an iPad or iPhone every time, without fail at least several times a day, if not more!

Readdle Documents (Free) - I was shaken (joking, Kasey!) to read that Shake It Up Learning had highlighted Simple Transfer app (clearly an archived post from 2014, but hey, it's what inspired this particular app entry). This is the MUST-HAVE iOS app, enabling you to easily transfer--to cloud storage, over WiFi, WebDav server, FTP, ema…

Opening The Door to Possibility #stem

Today was my first day in my new position as Director of Professional Development at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA). Key parts of my day were spent planning with Diana Benner and Peggy Reimers, as they prepare for the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Teacher Academy on Wednesday, 03/23/16!
On the Road: While driving to Austin from San Antonio, I listened to Lindsay Buroker's Emperor's Edge series (get the first book free...warning: you will want to buy the follow-ups!), a deliciously engaging steampunk/fantasy fiction collection of books! I highly recommend it! TCEA laid out the welcome mat, and I'm truly grateful to be working with such fun folks! They were kind enough to share the following:
I suppose it's safe to announce that I've created my alter-ego, STEAM Twitter account @tceamg and created a companion web site to house all the content I'll be creating for workshops:

While my Twitter account (@mguhlin) is focused on sharing topics I re…

Job Posting: VOIP System Admin (San Antonio, Tx)

Looking for a Cisco-based Voice Over IP (VOIP) System Administrator position with a pay range of $67K-$92K? Check out Judson ISD in San Antonio, Texas:

The job posting can be found below:
TitleVoIP Systems AdministratorDepartmentTechnology  Reports ToNetwork Manager and Director of Network ServicesCompensationIT 406Days230Revised 3/9/16

PRIMARY PURPOSE: The VoIP Systems Administrator will manage and support the JISD Cisco Unified Communications VoIP telephone system which includes Call Manager, Unity, Presence, Meeting Place, Exchange, MS Lync, Contact Center Express, CRS servers, gateways, SRST, ATA and third party hardware and software integrations.  Specific support emphasis will be on configuration, management, system upgrades and day-to-day operational support and maintenance.  In addition, support and development of software programs required to monitor and maintain the VoIP server cluster is required.

Tracking Twitter Chats

During a Twitter chat--which I was monitoring on my iPhone while in the grocery store--I was shocked to discover Participate Learning, a suggested link from others participating in the chat. Wow, what an impressive and easy way to track Twitter chats:

It's amazing, isn't it? Just the grid and the schedule make it so much easier to see the breadth and depth of Twitterchats happening at any given time. If you're not keeping track of Twitter chats this way, then they may help you be more purposeful about how you participate!

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Collaborative Whiteboards for #iOS #Chromebook #iPad

If you've been working on an iPad, you're probably already familiar with digital whiteboard apps like Educreations, ShowMe, Doceri, JotMolaSync(recently featured by TCEA)and, of course, my favorite, Explain Everything. These apps make presenting for a real audience, online or face to face, or creating something for flipped classroom approach much easier.

The Explain Everything folks just made a great announcement, sharing a real-time collaborative whiteboard app for iOS, Android, and Chromebooks that connects over WiFi:
We have launched a new iOS collaborative whiteboard, updated the Android, Chrome, and Windows interactive whiteboard, and published a new web-based EE project portal called Explain Everything Discover. Amazingly, the new app comes with a user community known as Explain Everything Discover (not unlike EduCreations), as well as a subscription plan for education and app.

Unfortunately, Explain Everything Collaborative Whiteboard isn't available for U.S. y…

Overcoming Election Ignorance - 7 #Free Apps to Keep You Informed #electionresults

"How hard would it be for my students to monitor news about the Presidential election and then present their findings to the rest of their class?" The question is certainly intriguing and I bet there are resourceful teachers already doing something similar with their students. And, perhaps, how would using technology in this way help students appreciate how they stay informed as compared to how folks stayed informed back in the day (e.g. newspapers, evening news broadcasts)? That's what some call digital literacy...

Like most Americans, I often find myself glued to my television, listening to stirring speeches from Republican and Democratic candidates. When I hear something that irritates me, I desire to learn more about the candidate making what I may consider silly remarks, or conversely, cleverly entertaining ones designed to engage. More importantly, I am curious to find out about the democratic process.

When I vote in a Primary election, what does that mean? What i…

Leadership Moves: The Jobs No One Else Sees

"Are you still here?" I asked a friend and colleague. It was an empty building, and the business day officially had already ended 30-40 minutes.
"Yeah," he sighed. "I have some work to catch-up on. What do you have for me?"

That conversation, like many others that followed it, came to mind as I reflected on the following passage from a "book app" I was reading. I'm reminded about the conversation because it highlights a willingness to get work done, but also a willingness to receive more work.

Here's the passage that reminded me:
He is willing to do the unpopular jobs, the jobs he might think are beneath him, the jobs that no-one else sees, that are left when everyone else has gone home. That is leadership, whether you are labeled a leader or not. (Source: BibleGateway app) I wonder what would happen if I asked these questions and did my best to answer them in my new job:

What are the unpopular jobs in your organization?What are the jobs…

Edge of Tomorrow

Amazing, isn't it, when you stand at the edge of tomorrow...last week, I was a Director of Technology. Next week, I'll be a Director of Professional Development for the TCEA. This week, though, I'm enjoying Spring Break off, cleaning out old wardrobes and celebrating my 26th Wedding Anniversary with my wife, Monica, on St. Patrick's Day (Thursday, March 17th). 
I'm grateful for so many things this week, including Alexis Cline's efforts to share the image shown right on TCEA's Facebook page by way of welcome, but also for the good times reflected in the photos featured in the collage.

Earlier today, the nephew of a colleague called and he asked me, "How did you get to where you are now?" What a fascinating question. As I took a moment to reflect back upon the path taken, I realize that while I thought it was purposeful and direct, in truth, it was quite circuitous. What seemed like the best decisions made objectively are actually course adjustment…

Mapping a Custom Domain to Google Sites

Earlier this year, I moved my domain ( from GoDaddy to, my favorite domain registrar. The experience was marked by an hour of hair-pulling, keeping a tight handle on my temper, and wondering, why the heck couldn't this process be easier? Of course, the real problem is that help is scattered across multiple Google Support pages--think of that cheerfully helpful neighbor that is maddening because he offers advice that isn't specific to your problem or who buries it in a pile of helpful suggestions, and you'll know the frustration I refer to--and it's not obvious. And, it differs for different domain registrars.

Why Verify?
If you are the person who signed up your business for Google Apps that makes you the Google Apps Administrator. You need to verify that you own your business domain, such as, before you can use Google Apps services, including Gmail. This ensures that no one else can use services or send email that appears to come…

Leadership Moves - Walk the Path First @blueskunkblog #tecsig

When I review the acts of my best leadership role models, I notice that they have certain "leadership moves" that set them head and shoulders above their peers. One of those leadership moves includes the ability to frame challenges in a way that is positive, open, transparent while keeping the focus on successful resolution of another's plight (e.g. why did you sit on that technical support job for a month when you could have gotten help from the team? Don't be afraid to admit where you need to grow if it means those we support suffer).

Instead of digging into the why, the focus is to learn enough to resolve the problem and move on. But that's not the leadership move I'd like to focus in on.

Another leadership move that I admire is a willingness to jump into the fray, to provide hands-on leadership of what needs to be done. That is what Doug Johnson--who, by the way, will be keynoting the TCEA TECSIG Spring Meeting (see agenda) on April 14, 2016, note you ca…

Create ePubs with GoogleDocs! #google

Since there are a ton of folks starting to get into eBook reading--including bus drivers reading while driving--how can we easily create ePub documents for viewing on devices? There are a ton of ePub formatted ebooks available for reading in your iPad or Nook--and you can always use Calibre to convert them to the Mobi format for use in your Kindle--as I pointed out in this blog entry. And, ereaders are finding their way into schools. You can also create ePubs in a variety of ways.
My favorite FREE ePub readers:For Android, use Aldino's eBook ReaderFor iOS, use Readdle's DocumentsYou can also read ePub ebook format using Firefox browser and a special add-onRonHoutman suggests GooReader for Windows computer; it is "a desktop application that allows you to search, download and read books and magazines available on Google Books."

But what about turning your students into creators of ePub ebooks?  There's now a new player in town that many of us have been eagerly awai…

Job Posting - Director of Technology #txed

The East Central ISD--in San Antonio, Texas--has posted its Director of Technology position...

March 8, 2016

The position of Director of Technology will be available for the 2015-2016 school year. All individuals (district employees included) who are interested in this position must apply online through AppliTrack via the district website – The deadline for submitting an applications is 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 22, 2016 or until the position is filled .

Primary Purpose: Direct and manage the information systems and computer services for the district. Ensure efficient and effective access to information and related technology by all campuses and administrative departments.

1. Provides leadership and coordination of the district’s technology department.
2. Develops, implements, and controls the overall strategy and plans for the development, deployment and utilization of
technology to support the District in Departments and C…

Voxflections 1 and 2: On Criticism & Technology @jenhegna

This past week, thanks to Jennifer Casa-Todd's kind tweet, I joined in on the book chat--via Voxer--around George C's book, Innovator's Mindset. The conversation was so empowering, enthusiastic, it shook some ideas loose from my brain. Rather than blog those, I decided to use Voxer to record the reflections in MyNotes (or in Android Voxer, Notes to Self). Jen Hegna asked to hear them, then questioned me about my burgeoning effort:
Do you use voxer as your own personal reflection tool? Originally, I hadn't thought of using Voxer in that way, more as a way to quickly audio record some thoughts and then make them available to others. But then I realized that I was using Voxer as a reflection tool...personal? Not personal in the sense of "private, no one else can listen in" but more reflections to share with others who might be interested. That reflected my new habit:
Yes, I have been trying to get into the habit of audio reflections as a way to "blog in au…

Open to Possibility!

A favorite song of mine comes from the O'Shea group, Here I Am. Have a listen...aren't they great?

Moving from one job to another, there's something wonderful about taking a moment to reflect on the past, your hopes and dreams, and then, to re-open yourself to possibilities, to dream new dreams, to simply be open to possibility, to accept that you don't know exactly what's going to happen...and be grateful.

For example, as I divest myself of all the equipment issued to me in my current position, it's a wonderfully liberating feeling to turn it all in. My hands are empty, ready to pick up new ideas, new technologies, explore different avenues of accomplishing my life goals. That's why I love the O'Shea song...every thing that you imagined might derail you from your course actually moves you towards something phenomenal and fantastic.

A year or so ago, someone asked me, "Would you buy a high-powered Mac if you had to sta…