#TCEA16 - @Voxer in the ELL Classroom @drrios

Dr. Roland Rios (@drrios) did a phenomenal job setting up the Voxer in the ELL Classroom workshop! As you'll hear in this podcast I recorded while assisting the Doctor (grin), I had the good fortune to introduce him to Voxer, and then he ran with it to be ready for a last-minute Voxer in the ELL Classroom workshop at the ELL Academy held at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) 2016 State Conference!

Listen to Dr. Roland Rios and Miguel Guhlin
(Length: 22megs; about 1 hour listening time)

Also, at the end of the session, participants had the opportunity to share how they would be using Voxer in THEIR classrooms or in their sphere of influence. Here are what some of them said:

By the way, if you're at TCEA on Tuesday, February 2nd, please drop by Miguel's session on When Email Fails! You can find his resources online at http://tinyurl.com/tcea16

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