Friday, February 5, 2016

#TCEA16 - Get @Liner App for Quick Highlighting on Your iPhone or via #Chrome browser

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Welcome! Bienvenidos! This is the page of TCEA Radio Contributor, Miguel Guhlin. Connect via Twitter @mguhlin or Voxer @mguhlinBelow, please find my latest contribution to TCEA2016 Radio! Find out more about TCEA Radio! (Hint: Get the app for iOS or Android first!)
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“Standing in line at the grocery store, reading an article link from Facebook on my smartphone, and I realize, 'Man, I need to highlight this article!' And, I need to do it right now! because I'm going to forget by the time I get home. But how?"

This is Miguel Guhlin on TCEA Radio. When I need to highlight an article quickly, I use the free Liner app, available for iOS and Mac (sorry, not available for Android!) at Most of the time, I'm on my iPhone, and Liner lets me quickly highlight an article, then save those highlights to Evernote. I can also read the highlights via the Chrome browser on my Chromebook, Windows or Mac computer. What I do, though, is save my Liner highlights to Evernote, then copy-n-paste them right into Blogger for quick sharing.  

Find links to the Liner app at and remember,  #TCEA16 is the hashtag to follow if you want to listen to for more tips!"

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