Monday, February 1, 2016

#TCEA16 - Evernote & Everclip

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Welcome! Bienvenidos! This is the page of TCEA Radio Contributor, Miguel Guhlin. Connect via Twitter @mguhlin or Voxer @mguhlinBelow, please find my latest contribution to TCEA2016 Radio! Find out more about TCEA Radio! (Hint: Get the app for iOS or Android first!)
“This is Miguel Guhlin on TCEARadio with a FUN FIND…Find great stuff on your mobile device? Curate your content with two iOS/Android friendly apps, Evernote and Everclip. Find links online to them at via TCEA16 Radio page. These easy to use apps enable easy content clipping, and make content simple to share. Don’t forget to follow the #TCEA16 hashtag for more great finds.”

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