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Earlier this week, I stumbled on, a web site that suggests it can be an Evernote replacement. If you've forgotten why anyone and everyone is looking for an alternative to Evernote, then you may want to read this article. I've tried several, including MammothHQ, SimpleNote, GoogleKeep, and Apple Notes. None matched Evernote for its features, although they easily beat it on its negatives (e.g. bloated interface, lousy note search, etc.). Centrallo offers a fresh take and I'm extremely hopeful. In fact, I am reaching for my wallet.

A little about it from the emailed press release (oh no, I hope I don't get a deluge of those now) from Michael J. Sher, co-founder:
Centrallo, a global productivity app maker today announced the release of Centrallo version 2.0, a major upgrade allowing Evernote users the ability to easily import their notes into Centrallo. The new Import Wizard is a free feature letting Evernote users import their notes to better organize, search and share them using Centrallo's robust list making, sharing and publishing capabilities.

“Releasing our Evernote Import Wizard is the biggest milestone in our three-year history,” said Michael J. Sher, co-founder of Centrallo. “The most requested feature has been the ability to import notes into Centrallo from Evernote so users can create structure by turning standalone notes into structured lists. This takes Centrallo to the next level, enabling better organization and full control of information that flows in and out of users daily lives”, says Sher.

“The most requested feature during my six-years at Evernote was lists-within-lists,” says Heather Wilde, Centrallo's newest advisor and former Director of Global Technical Support at Evernote. “The Evernote Centrallo Import Wizard now provides users with the one missing crucial piece in the productivity puzzle in a highly complementary, user-friendly way.”
In the meantime, for those of you that need something boasts the same features as Evernote without the bloat and SLOW note searching, Centrallo may be your new best friend. In trying it out, though, I immediately ran into some challenges...not with the app itself, but rather, with importing my notes from Evernote. My request was brief, typed from the comfort of bed at some dark hour:
Tried Evernote import but nothing happened. :-( Any ideas?
Fortunately, approx 24 hours later (if not sooner) of submitting my help request, the CEO of Centrallo responded:
On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 8:32 AM, MIchael J. Sher wrote:
How large is your enex file?
Right now, we accept 500MB file sizes.
Where did you get stuck?
This began a trail of conversation, exchanged video tutorials and walkthroughs. The problem wasn't that I didn't know how--Centrallo makes it painfully easy--but rather that a bug existed:
Miguel.  I can confirm that something is not right with the importer.  Our team will fix this first thing tomorrow – provided it is easy.   I was able to import your enex file, but am still waiting that it is in my account.  It’s been 10 minutes.  We will get back to you.
And, they have fixed it as of publication of this blog post and you also get an update via email. The Centrallo folks were kind enough to load 3-4 Evernote ENEX files--those are backups of Evernote Notebooks--and those appear in my Centrallo account. What's more, the file attachments embedded in those notes appear as well.

Ok, I'm declaring success with Centrallo as an Evernote replacement just on the basis of lists within lists and embedded files!

What the wizard looks like is shown above.

Sending Centrallo one of my precious ENEX files, a Notebook export from Evernote.

A list of all the notes in my Business Cards Notebook scheduled for import.
Centrallo really has many MORE features to commend it, although it has a free version, the Premium  ($4.99 a month or $44.99 a year) model allows for more storage...and works on Android, iOS, Web:
  •  15 Gb Storage
  •  Unlimited Notes
  •  Unlimited Lists
  •  Unlimited Attachments
  •  Passcode Lock

Great interface!
Compare that Premium usage to the Free version of Centrallo :
Free accounts have no expiration limit. You can use it as long as you would like - or until you run out of free notes. When / if you run out, you can refer people to Centrallo  to earn free notes or upgrade to our Premium subscription.

 1 Gb Storage
 100 Notes
 Unlimited Lists
 ≤25 MB Attachments
 No Passcode Lock
Some other great features that appear:

  1. Email your notes in from trusted email addresses--I have 5 listed already--that you can set in your Centrallo settings to your
  2. Color code public links
  3. Share Lists (in Evernote parlance, Notebooks) with others
  4. A simple interface
What I'm hoping for in the future:

  • RSS Feeds for Lists
  • Cloudmagic integration
  • support (although that's more on GetLiner than it is on Centrallo)

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