Life-Changing Apps - Office Lens and @Centrallo

If I learned anything at the TCEA 2016 State Conference, it was overshadowed by a powerful app shared off-hand in a T-TESS presentation by Dr. Bruce Ellis. I had so much fun with the app I didn't pay as much attention as I needed to the presentation! As such, I must share it with you, as well as add one of my own.

Life-Changing App #1 - Office Lens (No Cost)
In spite of the fact that it was a Microsoft created app--it was difficult to overcome my reluctance but I succeeded, thank goodness--I quickly pulled it down to my iPhone, which was my default note-taking app at the Conference (you know, taking pictures).

Amazingly, the Office Lens app works on both Android and iOS, making it a great choice. I shared this app with an iPad Pro user, who was hastily scribbling notes onto a full-size iPad Pro...and he immediately started using it, exclaiming at how wonderful it was. In fact, everyone I've shared it with has loved it! Why aren't you using it yet?

Life-Changing App #2 - 
($4.99 monthly/$44.99 annually)

Although I've already written about it, this Evernote replacement is worth mentioning again! Be sure to check out the Centrallo app for both Android and iOS, but also accessible via the Web. It's easy to use and reminds me of a "fast and light" Evernote without the kitchen sink!

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