Book Review: Damned Children of Naor

Looking for a chill tale to get your fear flowing on a winter night? Then Justyna Plitcha-Jendzio's ebook, Damned Children of Naor, may be one to pick up! On January 31st, Justyna sent me an email inviting me to crack open a copy of "High/Dark Fantasy book".
My name is Justyna Plichta-Jendzio and I'm Polish writer of High/Dark Fantasy books. One of my books "Damned Children of Naor" has been recently published by a Canadian Publisher and is avaliable on Amazon Kindle. It is ananthology of three short high/dark fantasy stories, telling about people who had unpleasantness to meet demons in their life and had to fight for their souls.
Justyna was kind enough to share a copy of the book, which was enthralling from the get-go. As I began reading the ebook, I realized quickly that the author had done a tremendous job eliciting images in my mind. For example, consider this passage:
Sainal turned back toward the chapel. When she came to the small building, she saw the priest sitting on a deer skin, covered with a thick woolen coat. The shadows cast by the flames danced on the walls and on the statue of Ulse, the supreme god of the world of Naor..."Forgive me, Holy Father, but I need to see the remains of the wretched woman," Sainal said as she jumped to the ground.
The priest was surprised by her request. "Death is not a trifle for the delight of the crowd."
Of the 3 stories that appear in the volume--the first of which deals with a young woman who can wield lightning and must battle demons, the second which resonates as a vampire tale--the third is the most engaging for me. It features a female noble, forced into mercenary work returning from a contract through a small town, which has been plagued by mysterious deaths by a fire demon. The villagers believe it's the young woman but Sainal thinks differently...even as deaths continue to occur after she has spirited the girl away to a hiding place.

Justyna, the author, has done a great job in building stories that slowly grip your heart, tales of horror and supernatural battles that are definitely worth reading. Be aware of Justyna's caution, however:
To be fair I have to inform you that "Damned children of Naor" contains scenes of sex and violence, so if you are not comfotable with that, I'll understand if you decide not to read the book. 
Still, this isn't any worse than what you might find in a typical tale of dark fiction. I'd read worse at age 13, and the scenes of sex and violence definitely moved the story forward. Definitely give the book a read!
Disclaimer and Note to Those Seeking Reviews: If I hadn't enjoyed the book, I wouldn't recommend it, no matter how many free copies I received. For others who would like me to review their books, ePub (non-DRM) is preferred over PDF or locked down books (I just delete those). Sci-fi/fantasy are invited.

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