Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Be Vibrant and Push Back the Dark - Attend TCEA #TECSIG Meeting!

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When you are connected to a vibrant community of individuals, you know it.. .you feel are a valuable component in a network of high powered learners.
People who aren't afraid to share their ideas to make Texas better.
When your superintendent asks, "What's going on with digital textbook logins?" you don't worry...you start crafting an email to TECSIG. When you begin to plan your roll out of Windows 10, you know who might have a plan to share. When you need a web host provider, you can rely on people who face the same challenges and have overcome them.
People who aren't afraid to share their ideas to help YOU be better.
When the high-stakes test vendor says, "It's OK, there aren't any problems," you don't take them at their word. You ask other technologists in Texas, and they add those critical data points that empower you to say back to the vendor, "That's not right. These school districts have called you in the last hour about the exact same power."
People who aren't afraid to hold themselves and others to a higher standard.
When you find yourself needing RFP criteria for a project your Finance Director just mentioned, there's one group you reach out to. And, in a few minutes, you have a collection of documents that just shaved days off your task, allowing you to deliver faster than anyone else expected.
Friends who reach out a helping hand, like Americans and Texans do.
A TECSIG member isn't a corporation out to make a buck. Rather, they are a community of vibrant friends and friends you have yet to meet, who are waiting to lend you a helping hand, because, that's what Americans do. When you need help, we pitch in. When you need something done, we step up.
TECSIG...friends who aren't afraid to shine and push back the dark.
And, TCEA TECSIG will be meeting on April 14-15, 2016. Why don't you join us?

Thursday-Friday, April 14-15, 2016
Location: TCEA, 3100 Alvin Devane Blvd; Building B; Austin, TX 78741

TEC-SIG enables technology coordinators, instructional technology leaders, and other administrators throughout the state to stay in touch, to engage in community-based learning that supports and serves students, staff in a hyper-connected world. When everyone can be your teacher, it's important to have a few Texans you can trust and rely on.

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