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5 Ways to Organize Content with @Centrallo

My best ideas arise from questions others ask.The problem is, there are so many questions and only so much time. How do I stay focused to get things done? One approach is to create to-do lists.To accomplish that, I'm depending on Centrallo, a note and list-making tool that allows you to house documents and other content in it, to facilitate idea collection, marination, and preparation:
Reduce by Copying-n-pasting the smallest unit of information. Beguiled by pictures, colored text, some times it's easier to go back to the written word in black and white, grasping for simplicity. As John Maeda reminds us, "The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction. When in doubt, just remove. " Rather than depend on a web clipper, copying and pasting requires you to be deliberate and "reduce" the content you are collecting to the bare essence. After all, what you are looking for is the germ of an idea, the smallest unit of information that will sp…

THE Journal Interview - Miguel Guhlin on Free Open Source

Doing a bit of navel-gazing, I took a moment to google my name to see what might come up. I'd completely forgotten about this THE Journal interview done in 2010, "How To Get Started with Open Source in K-12." The article's lead is as follows:
For K-12 IT directors, the major appeal of open source software (OSS) generally focuses on savings in licensing fees and access to software that would not otherwise be affordable. Many also are finding that OSS simply is the best solution for their school districts--even compared to commercial versions.Here are the parts where I was quoted:

Miguel Guhlin, director of Instructional Technology & Learning Services (ITLS) in San Antonio Independent School District in Texas, said that the system has not changed--even as views toward proprietary software are shifting.
"We're still, as a movement, facing the habits of yesterday, which involved vendors wooing school officials," Guhlin said. "You have to get th…

Remembering PBS TeacherLine (Video)

Cool, just run across this old Teachercast video featuring PBS TeacherLine advocacy by Miguel Guhlin and Dr. Bruce Ellis:

Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of his employer(s) or its clients. Read Full Disclosure

TransDevice Admin: 9 Tips to Streamline Tasks with @Centrallo @Readdle @Voxer @Microsoft @Adobe

Are you a trans-device educator? That is, have you managed to transcend your device's limits to work anytime, anywhere? If yes, then this blog entry is for you.And, note that you probably need to have an iPhone or iPad handy for some of the apps mentioned but you can certainly get it done with an Android device.
Copyright Notice [fake]: As far as I know, I made up "trans-device educator" phrase. As such, it is copyrighted and you can pay me royalties. If I'm not the original author, please leave comment with source. ;-)

Tip #1 - Organize Your Email "Hundreds of emails flow into my inbox," shared one principal. "I'm always on the go. How am I supposed to figure out what to do with each one?" Whether you use MS Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, you now have access to some easy to use email clients that work quite well.
CloudMagic--which works on Android, iPhone and iPad--or Readdle's Spark (iOS only) are two great mobile email clients. Both it make it…

Interview with Miguel Guhlin (Updated)

Note: The following is an interview done with me back in 2013! Read the original here, or just read below.
Welcome, and thank you so much for taking some time out of your day. Let’s start with you telling me a little about what you do!
I am an avid blogger and writer, publishing in a variety of venues. You can find much of my writing online. I also prepare workshops and deliver keynote presentations. I also hold the title of Director in Technology in a school district.
Fantastic! So, what motivated you to become so involved with educational technology?
What motivated me was a keen interest in bridging what I was passionate about–computers that I’d been using since I was 13 years old–and teaching, particularly, facilitating the writing workshop with grade 5 students. As a 13 year old, I would use my Apple computer to write and publish content. I wanted my students in Cotulla, Texas to have the same opportunity.

What prompted your transition away from the classroom?
My transition away…

Beyond Fear

A superintendent in a small school district gave a talk at the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Midwinter's Conference a few years ago. She moved her hands quickly in the air, her hands almost blurring, parallel to each other. "This is the kind of change we need in schools," she exclaimed. "But this," and she moved her hands ever so slowly, " is the change we're getting. We need this change [moving her hands quickly] because our children can't wait."

I was impressed with her talk...and I wasn't alone. "You know," I said to the tech director in that district, "I wouldn't mind working with her to achieve that vision she articulated." At last, an administrator who gets it. A superintendent who will bring about change.

Less than a year later, she had been ousted from her perch and the community had mobilized against her. Whether she was bought off, resigned, it didn't matter. Everyone …

Book Review: Damned Children of Naor

Looking for a chill tale to get your fear flowing on a winter night? Then Justyna Plitcha-Jendzio's ebook, Damned Children of Naor, may be one to pick up! On January 31st, Justyna sent me an email inviting me to crack open a copy of "High/Dark Fantasy book".
My name is Justyna Plichta-Jendzio and I'm Polish writer of High/Dark Fantasy books. One of my books "Damned Children of Naor" has been recently published by a Canadian Publisher and is avaliable on Amazon Kindle. It is ananthology of three short high/dark fantasy stories, telling about people who had unpleasantness to meet demons in their life and had to fight for their souls. Justyna was kind enough to share a copy of the book, which was enthralling from the get-go. As I began reading the ebook, I realized quickly that the author had done a tremendous job eliciting images in my mind. For example, consider this passage:
Sainal turned back toward the chapel. When she came to the small building, she saw…

5 Steps to Protect Your Data

Last week, a local school district suffered a phishing attack distributed by email. In addition, ransomwarewas alsobeing distributed to district users via email. Several machines were infected, including servers, as individuals clicked on email attachments that made no sense whatsoever. Other districts have faced similar challenges:
It's...thrown a kink in the school district's scheduled Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) exams, which are "high-quality, computer-based K–12 assessments in Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy." The crypto-ransomware "has affected the district's entire operations from internal and external communications to its point-of-sale for school lunches. It also has prevented any students from taking the scheduled PARCC exams, which are entirely computerized." Source:Network WorldHere are some of the recommendations I offer districts and folks who encounter these issues:

You are the best …

Get #Tattoos for Free - Apps That Promote the Positive #free #ios

On March 5th, I'll have the opportunity to participate in a Health Fair. Unlike the runners, the walkers, the health advocates, I'll be engaged in what some may see as a sedentary activity--sharing ideas about digital citizenship...encouraging people to play with their mobile phones even more. In this blog entry, I share some no-cost apps that promote the positive in our lives within the context of digital citizenship and being kind to others. I certainly welcome any suggestions you might have!
A quick aside: Wow, it's been a long time since I've considered digital citizenship in this blog. It may be because I believe that developing strong relationship with your child is essential to the trust needed for conversations about this topic. The best content filter is between their ears, right?
What Should I Call This Health Booth?
I've played around with a few ideas for naming my booth at the Health Fair:
Get a Blood Transfusion at the Digital Citizenship Blood BoothTatt…