.@voxer improvement requests (please RT)

In December, 2015, while most folks were Xmas shopping from home, or worse, braving traffic and stores, a bunch of folks were having awesome conversations via EdCampVoxer. It was truly a powerful series of conversations on a variety of topics. I've written about some of those here and you can certainly find out more.

However, every time I use Voxer, I run across users who express a desire to see Voxer grow to include features like those shown below. I decided to type up the ones I'd heard--and had expressed myself--and share them with Voxer Pro support.

Thank you for considering these requests on behalf of educations Voxer users:

1-Enable a historical record that can be referenced by those new to a chat.

2-On iOS devices, when you click on Voxer chat web link, it should take you straight to the Voxer Chat rather than just open the Voxer app in iTunes Make web links for Voxer chats usable, especially for those new to Voxer.

3-Make it easy to export audio for an entire Voxer chat individually or as a whole to facilitate sharing an audio recording. Already know you can export individual items but want to export an entire chat as one MP3.

4-Search text of a Voxer Chat (ala keyword).

5-Be able to add tags to Voxer chat items for easy searching later, as well as link to those tags across Voxer Chats.


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