Evernote Clearly Replaced! Get the Alternative

Goodbye Evernote Clearly!
Were you an Evernote Clearly fanatic? I can't tell you how many people I've run into that bemoaned the fact that Evernote discontinued support for Clearly on January 22:
Evernote to end support for Skitch, Clearly extensions for Windows on January 22nd
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Of course, I immediately started looking around and stumbled on the Readable bookmarklet, which works just fine as a way to "unclutter" a web page. In fact, the bookmarklet works on Chrome and Firefox...it's a cinch to use and get going without any of that Evernote overhead (which, unfortunately, is their Achilles' heel!).

To get going with Readable, just go to the web site, make a few minor customizations to the screen below (or not, since that's not a requirement for use), then drag the bookmarklet button to your browser's toolbar:
Visit web site and get Readable

If you haven't give Readable a try, you should!

For example, I went from this:

To this...

Nifty, huh?

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