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#TECSIGchat #1: #HourofCode @voxer chat

Listen to the Audio Recording of the TECSIGchat #1: Hour of Code 

Listen to this Preview of TECSIGchat #1: Hour of Code!
Feel free to email Susan F Reeves with any questions or information about Hour of Code or beyond! @susanfreeves

Starting a new chat "TECSIGchat" for Texas (although all educators are welcome; it's not a closed chat!) technologists via the Voxer mobile app! The first chat took place on Sunday, December 6th, from 2:30-3:00pm (CST). My co-host was Susan F. Reeves (@susanfreeves) on The Hour of Code! 


Here is the link to get to the Voxer chat; Get the app and join "TECSIG Chat" to see it. I'm mguhlin on Voxer.

Need Help Getting Started with Voxer?
  1. Video Tutorial #1 - Intro to Voxer Part 1  via Justin Schleider
  2. Video Tutorial #2 - Voxer Tips and Tricks via Justin Schleider
Get Voxer - Download Links
Get the Voxer app for your mobile device using links below for Windows, iOS or Android.
Chat Notes and Links
  1. Use STEM Library to Connect -
  2. PBS ScratchJr - 
  3. iPad Monthly magazine - Coding Edition (Free) -
  4. Coding Board Game  - 
  5. Apple's SWIFT coding resources 
    1. STUDENTS:  A Swift Time to Code
    2. TEACHERS:  Teaching Swift coding
    4. Browse the "App Development” Collection of curated apps, podcasts, books and iTunes U courses.
    5. Browse the “Learning to Code” Collection - a curation of amazing resources for your upcoming 'Hour of Code' campus events!
Susan F. Reeves' Shared Resources:
  1. Hour of Code Countdown Planning
  2. Hour of Code Resources:
    1. My 6 Favorite of Code Links: 
    2. direct to tutorials: 
    3. Pair Programming Video to show students: 
    4. Understanding 4 types of Mistakes from KQED: 
    5. Promotional materials: - Includes sticker, certificate templates, media release drafts, posters and more
    6. Printable student certificates (up to 30 at a time, be sure to print landscape mode):
      Information for teachers and school districts about training options and opportunities 
      K-5 Teacher training opportunities (underwritten by Code.Org) 
      Online, self-paced workshop for elementary teachers 
      School District Partnership Information

TEC-SIG is the largest SIG and was established in 1989 for the purpose of providing a means of communication between technology coordinators, instructional technology leaders, and other administrators throughout the state.The organization furnishes its members up-to-date information on legislation, happenings within the Texas Education Agency, grants, and TEC SIG activities. Members share their own technology-related experiences at three yearly meetings in an effort to educate and inform each other on what is happening in the field of technology.
Our next meeting is April 14-15, 2016 and will feature keynote speaker Doug "Blue Skunk" Johnson on April 14th! Special presentations will also be made on eRate on Friday, April 15, 2016. Want to join in the planning of this meeting? Please join in!
Disclaimer: Please note that TECSIGchat is not affiliated with TCEA, nor do opinions shared in the chat reflect TCEA. Of course, I am the current Vice-President of TEC-SIG--barring impeachment or something--and my purpose for doing this is to amplify Texas EdTech voices!

And, I recommend that all technology support staff, teacher-librarians, instructional technologists, digital coaches, and anyone who supports technology in Texas teaching and learning situations (e.g. public/private/charter/home schools) join TCEA TEC-SIG so you can connect to other educators as committed to transforming teaching, learning, and leading with tech in schools!

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