Still an @Evernote user? @thewizard_210

Earlier this week, I received this tweet that caused a bit of introspection:
Dec 14
Are you still an avid user? How has it benefited you as a Tech Director?
The answer is, "Yes, darn it!" I give such a response, Justin, because in spite of my best efforts to transition to the Apple Notes app following David Pogue's lead, with over 5K in notes, the darn thing is TOO SLOW. So, I slowly found myself gravitating back to Evernote (ok, I'm 100% back to using it).

While I still employ Google Keep for frivolous notes--grocery lists, shared tasks lists with colleagues/family--I rely on Evernote to organize my life. It's the one place I can "archive" information in whatever format and know it will be there.

As a technology director, I rely on Evernote to provide my digital archive for the following:
  • critical emails (I use CloudMagic app on my mobile phone to drop content into Evernote, but since I'm a Premium user, I can just forward emails to Evernote and see them appear)
  • GUI editor for notes
  • to do lists and tasks that are ongoing
  • documents (PDFs, etc.)
  • A virtual space to prepare responses
  • a place to save business cards
  • a place to save quotes, proposals that I need to keep track of long-term.
As nice as Google Drive is--and even though I'm very organized--dropping something into Drive can be the equivalent of flipping a coin into the sea and hoping to jump in a day later and find act of hope and luck.

Since I've cleaned out Evernote, it runs a lot faster. I don't use WorkChat or any of the weird features Evernote developers have added. I don't even use Evernote for archiving web sites or content, something I once did avidly. All those notebooks are gone. Evernote is NOT a content curation tool anymore.

That's how I use Evernote. It works for me and I enjoy the experience more than GoogleDrive, but that's not to say I'm not an Google heavy user. I wish Google Keep could allow for more organization, make it easier to drop documents into it. But I've given up waiting...Evernote is still my go-to.

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Dee Martin said…
I use the Clearly extension to save clean copies of articles to refer back to - one of the most useful tools I have ever found.
Dee, ah, then you'll be sad to hear that Evernote is doing away with Clearly in January. :-(

Susan F. Reeves said…
No, that makes me very sad. Clearly is an awesome tool.

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