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Too busy to learn during the pre-Xmas shopping season? Too busy connecting with family face to face to learn from other educators online? It doesn't have to be either/or!

Well, then, you are missing out on great conversations and connections via the edcampvoxer event kicking off today!

I'm taking some time this morning to tune in, to "join the Voxer chats" that are being featured because I know I can come back to them and listen later.

The link you need to pay attention to is because it will let you "click and join" the Voxer chat (you'll need the Voxer app on your Android/iOS mobile device).

Here is what the Voxer chats look like on my browser on my computer, but you can totally do this from your mobile device:

I jumped into the Blogging Voxer chat and shared a few thoughts, one of which Rache Wooten picked up and tweeted:

Some other take-aways (ok, I wrote these):
  1. Excerpt ideas that resonate or conflict with your's then explore your thoughts about them. Their ideas are the sparks that ignite your blog entry. 
  2. Grab a problem someone else is having, or question, then share your path to a solution.
  3. Or, reflect on their solution, then share the problem you have with it and offer your path, even if it doesn't result in a solution  
  4. auto publish your blog entries using the blog RSS feed and to share to Twitter, Facebook and linked in. 
  5. Image for a blog entry and smaller chunks of text are the way to go, as Jon says. I also like section headers for longer pieces and use listicles with dialogue to kick off paragraphs/sections 
Jon Harper also shared some of his insights while on a trip to Disney, and those contributions are audio. Here's one of them.

Other great conversations, like Personalizing PD, are also happening; consider this contribution from Knikole:
Good morning, everyone! I am Knikole Taylor, a math and science coach from TX. Please share questions, comments, and suggestions for Personalized PD. Also, remember to add your notes from today's conversation here:
Miguel, I read about Educator Micro Credentials yesterday
The problem I've run into is that many of my Ts are not connected outside of the building. I want them to use tools like Twitter and Voxer on their own, so I have to take the time to teach them how to do so. Here is the "PD" I pushed out last year and earlier this year on how to use Twitter before our Twitter PLC. We used #gwcplc.
I read this article yesterday also. There are lots of great tools for districts to support and design personalized PD.

Of course, as I've been writing this blog entry, the conversation has continued! Another neat Voxer chat is Organizing Edcamps & Other Offline Events. I love Karen Norton's (Voxer: knorto213) recap of the conversation, as she works in Arkansas to plan an edcamp on her own.

Another neat chat is Communicating With Students, Parents, and the Community. Greg Goins shares this insight into use of Voxer:
I have voxer groups set up for my administrative team (7 administrators) and for classes I teach in Ed Leadership (typically 8-12 students each semester). I ask them to reflect and share ideas after meetings or class time just to get them talking on voxer. Very valuable tool for collaboration and post-class assessment.
As Jeff Herb points out, "Greg, like the idea of Voxer as a reflection tool for students and staff!"

Another conversation Connecting Classrooms to Share in the Learning
David Billikopf: Heidi, on my side the Ss get to be experts and practice writing, poetry ,etc and the Norwegian Ss are practicing English. We viewed the same documentary about a man in Florida appealing 4 life sentences for robberies he committed at ages 14/15. Then they discussed back and forth the American juvenile justice system. (My students are locked up.) Then my students shared some poetry about how they felt about being locked up and some shared their stories. The Norwegian students sent back responses, both written and artistic, about how my students' poetry and stories made them feel. We have been using the twitter # of #norwask- feel free to check it out. I have also been blogging how it has been going if you want to see more of how we have been doing it. is my blog. 

Well, why are you still reading this blog entry? Check out the links in the infographic above to get going with the edcampvoxer 2015 event!

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