Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dream or Reality? Google for Education Certified Trainer

Update 12/11/2015: Yes! Selected!!
Dear Miguel,
Your Google for Education Certified Trainer application is now complete, as we have received recommendations from all of your references. You will be notified of a decision by December 8, 2015 and you can always check your status via the application portal: https://googleedu.onlineapplications.net
After a long day, I sat down at my home computer and clicked my way to the Google for Education Online Application Portal:

Will I be one of the chosen? I don't know, but I can only hope. Have you heard anything about YOUR application?

And, have you applied for the Google Certified Innovator spot yet?

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Jolie Kwedar said...

Mine is still in review also.... waiting on pins and needles...

dwolford said...

Mine is in review as well. I guess this is a good exercise in patience. I always tell me children to have it....

flzuni said...

So glad for you, Miguel! How long did it take?

Miguel Guhlin said...

Thanks! i submitted back in November before Thanksgiving (deadline was Nov 22). The posted "we'll get back to you date" was December 8, but I actually received notification around 5:00pm, 12/11/2015. So,3 days overdue, but given how many folks are probably submitting, no surprise...just the suspense!

Have you submitted your's?

Miguel Guhlin

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