All AND Nothing

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The tough option isn't the one that involves an either/or proposition--"All or nothing?"--but the one that replaces the OR for an AND. It's too easy to divide life into binary decisions, yes/no propositions that appear to simplify our lives.
Either/or choices are Sucker’s Choices. The best at dialogue refuse Sucker’s Choices by setting up new choices. They present themselves with tougher questions that turn the either/or choice into a search for the all-important and ever-elusive and. Source: Crucial Conversations

What brings these thoughts on? This Connected Principals' post by Todd Samuelson:
I’m considering making a change. With change often comes the traditional interview process and the preparation that comes along with that ritual. I suppose there is a benefit to this process in that it forces one to reflect. One of the interview questions is sure to involve my thoughts on what I think is the most important quality of an effective leader. After role playing this question in my head a dozen times, I have come to the conclusion that this is an impossible question to answer with any real depth.
 As I read it, it makes me reflect on the times I've asked myself, "What is the most important leadership quality?" Having done serious reflection--that is, reflection fueled by life experiences that do more than mar the paint job--the most important leadership quality is building relationships. Hands-down, no matter the work that you do, without relationships with others, you will fail.

In the job of principal, I can think of no better leadership quality to highlight when asked a question during an interview. It's true regardless of your field of leadership because leadership implies interacting with others.

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