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All AND Nothing

The tough option isn't the one that involves an either/or proposition--"All or nothing?"--but the one that replaces the OR for an AND. It's too easy to divide life into binary decisions, yes/no propositions that appear to simplify our lives.
Either/or choices are Sucker’s Choices. The best at dialogue refuse Sucker’s Choices by setting up new choices. They present themselves with tougher questions that turn the either/or choice into a search for the all-important and ever-elusive and. Source:Crucial Conversations
What brings these thoughts on? This Connected Principals' post by Todd Samuelson:
I’m considering making a change. With change often comes the traditional interview process and the preparation that comes along with that ritual. I suppose there is a benefit to this process in that it forces one to reflect. One of the interview questions is sure to involve my thoughts on what I think is the most important quality of an effective leader. After role play…

What's Your Apple Notes Exit Strategy?

If you're like me, you may have jumped ship from Evernote to Apple Notes. Unfortunately, with 10K worth of notes, Apple Notes moves like molasses. (Sorry, David Pogue, Apple Notes isn't a good enough replacement for Evernote when you're dealing with that many notes...I suppose I should have guessed that).

So, what's your exit strategy? Since I archive old emails, it's important for them to be searchable...saving them all in Evernote or Apple Notes wasn't a good idea, as I discovered.

One approach I've decided to revisit is exporting all the notes to text format (TXT). This makes them readable by any word processor or app. But, with over 5K of these notes in Apple Notes, I wondered how I might be able to get them OUT of Apple Notes? Thankfully, someone else already thought of that.

Step 1 - Export Your Apple Notes to Text Files
The Write app folks have come up with Notes' Exporter,a utility that runs on your Mac OS X computer (I'm running El Capitan) …

Join #edcampvoxer 2015! @rwootenits @voxer @EdCampVoxer

Too busy to learn during the pre-Xmas shopping season? Too busy connecting with family face to face to learn from other educators online? It doesn't have to be either/or!

Well, then, you are missing out on great conversations and connections via the edcampvoxer event kicking off today!

I'm taking some time this morning to tune in, to "join the Voxer chats" that are being featured because I know I can come back to them and listen later.

The link you need to pay attention to is because it will let you "click and join" the Voxer chat (you'll need the Voxer app on your Android/iOS mobile device).

Here is what the Voxer chats look like on my browser on my computer, but you can totally do this from your mobile device:

I jumped into the Blogging Voxer chat and shared a few thoughts, one of which Rache Wooten picked up and tweeted:

Still an @Evernote user? @thewizard_210

Earlier this week, I received this tweet that caused a bit of introspection:
Dec 14
Are you still an avid user? How has it benefited you as a Tech Director? The answer is, "Yes, darn it!" I give such a response, Justin, because in spite of my best efforts to transition to the Apple Notes app following David Pogue's lead, with over 5K in notes, the darn thing is TOO SLOW. So, I slowly found myself gravitating back to Evernote (ok, I'm 100% back to using it).

While I still employ Google Keep for frivolous notes--grocery lists, shared tasks lists with colleagues/family--I rely on Evernote to organize my life. It's the one place I can "archive" information in whatever format and know it will be there.

As a technology director, I rely on Evernote to provide my digital archive for the following:
critical emails (I use CloudMagic app on my mobile phone to drop content into Evernote, but since I'm a Premium user…

Watching Video on Amazon Fire 5th gen

A colleague remarked in astonishment, "Miguel, you have an Amazon Fire?"
"Yes," I replied surprised anyone would wonder at me having this or that device. Was the person saying, "Hey, what's with you? Couldn't afford an iPad?"
Or maybe, they said, "Wow, you sure are thrifty!"

Then, there's the, "I can't believe you're using a demon-spawned Amazon DRM device that bombards you with evil content! How could you be supporting the Amazon leviathan that destroys freedom and liberty?"

In truth, I just don't care anymore on some devices. I just want the darn thing to work. And, the Amazon Fire--did I mention I paid $34 dollars on Black Friday for this one?--delivers handily! For example, here's a list of the apps that I've tried for video watching:
Time Warner Cable - Wow, TWC has done a great job with their apps! I miss Into the Badlands or Quantico or, The Walking Dead, I can watch it via this app!Amazon Prime Vi…

Farewell, Old Friend! #iPad Death Knell

As I look back over the years, I can't help but get a bit teary-eyed at the loss. My life changed in so many ways around that time, and it's not easy to leave the past behind. And, it was all so much controversy, such an eye-opening experience that left me wondering, "Did I make the right decision?"

You see, my iPad 3rd generation, which I used almost every day since I bought it in March, 2012, has died. At the time, I thought it was a great investment...given that I have used it every single day since I bought it, I realize I got more than my money's worth out of it!

Maybe if I could install GNU/Linux operating system on my iPad, it would be vibrant and alive again, but as of right now, the sound is dead, and it's behavior erratic. With several other computing devices, among them an iPhone 6, an Amazon Fire, a Chromebook (Acer C720), a Mac Air, and a Dell Latitude 3340 (last 3 work devices of differing ages), I'm not sure an iPad will be needed.

I spent …

Curriculum, Stop Failing Technology

"Education is failing technology." Dr. Mark Weston goes on to write, "The minimal effect that technology has had on teaching and learning is a failure of the field of education not a failure of technology." These are pretty powerful ideas...and given my long-time advocacy of edtech, I am inclined to agree. But do these ideas hold up? I'm not sure.
Students, Computers, and Learning Making the Connection concludes that investments in classroom technology are yielding "no appreciable improvements in student achievement in reading, mathematics, or science." What's more, the study found technology to be of little help in "bridging the skills divide between advantaged and disadvantaged students."
Source: Suzie Boss, Are We Getting Smarter about EdTech? When I look at the powerful learning that is possible when teachers adopt instructional approaches like these below, I wonder if Mark isn't right.
If we know that differentiated instruction is …

Ode to Fire #Amazon #Fire

Ok, this isn't an ode to fire, but to the 5th Generation Amazon Fire, that I picked up for about $35+cost of the case. Having played around with multiple, inexpensive Android tablets, I was happily surprised by how well Amazon's Fire tablet has enabled me to use it as an eReader (for both Amazon Kindle ebooks and ePub formatted books), as well as Amazon Audio, Video (Prime) and Netflix. Although the screen quality falls short of my iPad 3rd generation, the Fire works great!
The 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet doesn't offer high-end specs or the latest apps, but it's the best way to put a wealth of multimedia content at your fingertips for an almost unbelievable $50 price. Source:PCMag Review As an avid reader, I've invested in several apps to ease my sojourn on the Amazon Fire tablet:
Calibre Companion ($3.99) - Enables you to connect your Kindle Fire to Calibre over wireless. The process is pretty easy.eLibrary Manager ($2.00) - Although not a perfect app, it does allow…

Dream or Reality? Google for Education Certified Trainer

Update 12/11/2015: Yes! Selected!! Dear Miguel,
Your Google for Education Certified Trainer application is now complete, as we have received recommendations from all of your references. You will be notified of a decision by December 8, 2015 and you can always check your status via the application portal: After a long day, I sat down at my home computer and clicked my way to the Google for Education Online Application Portal:

Will I be one of the chosen? I don't know, but I can only hope. Have you heard anything about YOUR application?
And, have you applied for the Google Certified Innovator spot yet?
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Job Posting: Network Administrator in New Braunfels ISD

Source Link:

Primary Purpose:

The Network Administrator is responsible for effective installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of network hardware and software and related infrastructure. This individual participates in technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within the district. This individual ensures that network hardware, software and related procedures meet or exceed organizational policy.


HS Diploma RequiredPreferred Associates Degree in networking; may be substituted for years of experience in a related fieldPreferred CCNP/CCIE Certificate or equivalents

Special Knowledge / Skills:
•     Knowledge of gigabit networking systems and technologies, Ethernet, setup and management of VLANs, WANs, LANs, multiple types of WAN/LAN switches, routers, VPNs, IPS, IDS, wireless systems, radius, 802.1x and firewalls and content filters.
Working knowledge of Apple network pr…

#TECSIGchat #1: #HourofCode @voxer chat

Starting a new chat "TECSIGchat" for Texas (although all educators are welcome; it's not a closed chat!) technologists via the Voxer mobile app! The first chat took place on Sunday, December 6th, from 2:30-3:00pm (CST). My co-host wasSusan F. Reeves (@susanfreeves) on The Hour of Code!
Here is the link to get to the Voxer chat; Get the app and join "TECSIG Chat"to see it. I'm mguhlin on Voxer.

Need Help Getting Started with Voxer? Video Tutorial #1 - Intro to Voxer Part 1  via Justin SchleiderVideo Tutorial #2 - Voxer Tips and Tricks via Justin SchleiderGet Voxer - Download Links
Get the Voxer app for your mobile device using links below for Windows, iOS or Android.Chat Notes and Links
Use STEM Library to Connect - ScratchJr - Monthly magazine - Coding Edition (Free) - Board Game  -…

PBS Kids ScratchJr #hourofcode #tecsigchat

PBS KIDS released its first coding app called PBS KIDSScratchJr. This comes at the right time, as Computer Science Education Week kicks off on Monday (December 7-13). As part of next week’s activities, the international launch of the Hour of Code takes place to encourage young children to learn this vital new language that will be part of the future of learning.

Designed for kids ages 5-8, PBS KIDS ScratchJr enables kids to create their own interactive stories and games featuring their favorite characters from Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, WordGirl and Peg + Cat. By snapping together colorful programming blocks, children can make characters move, jump, dance and sing. In the process, kids will learn to solve problems, design projects and express themselves creatively.
The app is free, and can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play. Listed app features below, and you can read more about it online here. Everything posted on Miguel Guhlin's blogs/wikis are his personal o…

5 Key Areas for CTOs

While sitting at home, waiting for the cramps around my mid-section to pass today, I paged through an old notebook, stumbling across notes from a conversation with a friend. I recall the conversation as if it was just yesterday, amazed at how long it has really been since we spoke. As I reviewed my notes, I realized that I hadn't ever blogged them. His responses to a simple question I posed undoubtedly were concepts I wasn't quite ready to understand at the time.

The question I asked him was, As a brand new CTO, what are your top 5 priorities?
His responses, imperfectly remembered, appear below:

1) Collaboration and Building Relationships: The key job of a CTO is to build relationships with those who are impacted by technology, and explore relationships with those who will be impacted. In fact, technology can impact everyone's workflow and work processes. But nothing will happen, no matter how gifted you are, unless you first build a relationship. As you might imagine, it i…

Annual Digital Innovators Program via @PBSLrnMedia

Search for Top K-12 Educators Using Digital Technology and Tools in the Classroom Open to Educators Across the U.S.
Arlington, VA, December 1, 2015 – Beginning today, educators from across the country who excel at using technology and digital media to support student learning are encouraged to enter the 2016 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators Program.PBS LearningMedia, the free media on-demand service from PBS that offers more than 100,000 digital resources for educators, has announced the 4th annual program in which K-12 teachers and administrators are recognized for their creative and unprecedented use of digital media in the classroom.
The call for entries officially opens today and will remain open through February 8, 2016. Educators are asked to submit a 60- to 120-second video to showcase their innovative use of digital technology and tools in their classroom to inspire students. Entrants w…