Texas Google for Education Technical Collaborative Opportunity

Note from Amy Mayer, actual Texan:
I spoke to Bill Mackenzie, bmackenzie1@ugcloud.ca, a counterpart of ours in Canada, yesterday. Bill sincerely recommended creating these technical collaboratives in Texas. They’ve had great success in other states and in the great states to the North (and I don’t mean Oklahoma, I mean Canada). If you want to join, please fill out this form: bit.ly/joincollab

If you have any questions I can answer, please feel free to contact me at amy@friedtechnology.com

Texas Google for Education Technical Collaborative Opportunity

The Google EDU team and its educational partner Amplified IT are establishing Technical Collaboratives in Texas to support districts implementing Google Apps for Education.

What is a Technical Collaborative?

Collaboratives allows schools to regularly interact virtually and in person to share their experiences as well as questions with other schools and experts such as Amplified IT and the Google EDU team.

Amplified IT has created GAfE Technical Collaboratives in Virginia, California and Iowa in the US, as well as Alberta and Ontario in Canada. Staff from participating districts are meeting regularly with both the Amplified IT technical team and Google’s EDU staff learning what’s new with GAfE and doing deep dives on a variety of topics including security and AD integration. This collaborative approach means that districts are no longer isolated in their approach to GAfE.  Member schools are also realizing significant cost savings when purchasing third-party applications through the increased purchasing power of their Collaborative.

Learn More

To learn more about GAfE Technical Collaboratives please visit www.gafecollab.com.

Sign Up

To register your interest in joining our Technical Collaborative please click on the following link: bit.ly/joincollab

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