SBOE Digital Textbooks on Nov 17

State Board of Education to explore
digital textbooks and technology use in Texas schools

The State Board of Education will host a learning roundtable on Tuesday, Nov. 17, in Austin to explore the increasing use of digital textbooks and technology in the classroom and hear from state and national experts in the field.
The Learning Roundtable - Educating the Digital Generation Summit begins at 8:30 a.m. in the House Appropriations Hearing Room (room E1.030) in the State Capitol Extension. The meeting will be livestreamed over
“We are in a transition time as more and more districts embrace the promise of digital education,” said Donna Bahorich, chair of the State Board of Education. “However, moving to digital content in the classroom brings a significant set of challenges, such as network connectivity and capacity in closing the digital divide; gaps in digital skills of staff, teachers and students; the complexity of the variety of devices and content; cost, support and obsolescence; and student security and privacy. Our goal is to better understand where we are today and what Texas should be doing over the next five years to ensure our students and teachers have the best environment possible for learning and success.”
Invited presenters include:
·         Brendan Desetti, director of education policy for the Software & Information Technology Association, who works with stakeholders to identify educational trends.
·         Jay Diskey, executive director of the Association of American Publishers’ PreK-12 Learning Group, who directs the group’s advocacy, public policy development and operations.
·         Lan Neugent, interim executive director of the State Educational Technology Directors Association, who has first-hand experience with online testing and statewide instructional technology resource teacher deployment.
·         Anthony Swei, co-founder of EducationSuperHighway, who is on the forefront of leading the nationwide effort to provide network capacity and connectivity to allow digital learning for every K12 student.
·         Chuck Weaver, chair of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Baylor University, who is widely published on the topics of reading and education, memory and language, and the relationship between confidence and memory.
·         Jon Wilkins, managing director of the Federal Communications Commission, who will discuss the E-rate program which provides discounted telecommunications, internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries.

Texas superintendents, publishing company representatives, district textbook managers, open educational resources providers and technology experts will also present during the learning roundtable. The speakers have been asked to cover a number of questions during their presentations. Brief biographies of the invited speakers are available online.
In addition to the full day's discussion, there will be an after-action report capturing all the recommendations from panelists that is intended to be helpful to the legislature, governor and lieutenant governor, particularly with their focus on increasing connectivity for every classroom.

The 15-member State Board of Education regularly oversees an extensive instructional materials adoption process. The board creates an adoption cycle that calls for new materials in the Foundation Curriculum areas every eight years. Adoption of new materials for subjects in the Enrichment Curriculum may extend beyond eight years.

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