Texas Meetup - @Clever Announcement #tceasysadmin

Are you a school district in or around Austin or close enough to get there? Consider attending the Texas Meetup. Here's the email Clever.com staff sent out about the event:

Hi folks,

I'm very much looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow at our first Texas District Meetup! More than 10 Texas districts will be attending to share experiences and any challenges around software implementation. I'm excited to see whether having a united voice across the State might drive some positive change to solve some of our districts' most pressing needs.

Here is a snippet of stuff I've heard from districts in your area:
  • We have highly transient students... keeping them all updated in the right systems is next to impossible. Ugh!
  • A tremendous waste of time and energy trying to support another unique interface for account provisioning. Districts are having to hire high dollar programmers just to make sense of the imports, scripting, SQL and automation necessary to use their product. Technology departments are going to have to be more involved in what is adopted for materials if publishers continue to not cooperate and standardize on the interface to our systems
  • I have to upload data to 29 different online subscriptions, each with unique data requirements. If Clever can even help fix a handful of those it would save my team tons of time

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