Friday, October 30, 2015

TCEA SystemAdmin Presentation Roundup #tceasysadmin

This past week, I had the chance to attend the TCEA System Administrator session held in Austin, Texas. Here's a roundup of blog entries featuring my notes about the event:

  1. Training Your Staff to Be Education Friendly (Lori Gracey, TCEA)
  2. Better Systems Management with VMware (Bobby Robertson, Bryan ISD)
  3. Dell KACE (Temple ISD)
  4. Identity Crisis and Account Management (Miguel Guhlin, Virgil Kirk, East Central ISD)
  5. GAFE and Chromebooks (Jeff St. Andre, City View ISD) + Edward Doan's notes about STAAR
  6. Data Extractum! (ClassLink)
  7. Linux in Education (Jason Cannon) - On this one, I didn't take notes but quite a bit is in the slideshow.
  8. GoogleApps Management (GAM) - Brian Gray shared his resources with me, a must-have if you are using GoogleApps.
All of these were tremendously engaging presentations, well-organized. I observed some presentation approaches that were :
  • In your Google slide, make every slide your "title slide" but then embed a link to a GoogleDoc with the details.
  • Embed GoogleDocs in your slides so that folks can investigate

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